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Sonisphere 2011 - Knebworth, UK

I know it's only December and Sonisphere Knebworth is months away. But it's the early bird that catches the worm. Mark your calendars for July 8-11, 2011. This is a great weekend of fun and food and music! Knebworth is dead easy to get to via the train service. Take the train from Kings Cross or Finsbury Park to Stevenage. The bus that takes you from the train station to the festival is right next to the train station - and a Tesco's!!!! Not all the bands have been announced, but Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth are playing. Get your Sonisphere 2011 Tickets Here!!! Watch this space for more updates!

New Items in the Store

New items in the store! 2011 Calendars, magnets, coffee mugs, t-shirts, post cards!! Perfect place to get your last minute holiday gifts or something special for yourself!

Random Photos from Londontown

I go back time after time, year after year. Something about that city draws me in like a moth to a flame. I'm sure my mates in and around the London area will proudly proclaim it's them! But some of the most magical times I've had have been alone just wandering aimlessly thru the streets and across the bridges. I got the biggest giggle hanging upside down over a parapet looking at the Tower Bridge upside down!!! OK, so I DID get a bit dizzy! I discovered a cool gate that has skulls. I must have walked by this thing a million times and just never really looked at it. I found the physical location of my favourite pizza shop that used to deliver when I was in Surrey Quays. They still make the best pizza ever! I smashed myself against the shed end wall willing good luck for another year. I hope it works for me as it's definitely NOT working for the team. I got loads of hugs from friends, dodged a hundred rebel rousing Santas, and discovered London has busses that run durin…

Euro Hostel - Glasgow

Excellent value for the money!
Easy to find!
Comfy beds!
En suite!

Glasgow after Midnight

I had about five hours to roam the streets of Glasgow on December 3rd. VOLFAIL had cancelled yet another show - so I had some time on my hands after escaping the snowy Crief.

Dublin is a Pit

Yeppers. Of all the cities that I've ever been to, Dublin is a pit. And yet I'm here several times a year. If it weren't for friends and family I wouldn't bother. Oh yeah, these people are truly loved! Good thing Dublin is easy to get around. From the Airport to the City Center takes about an hour. I usually take the 16a or 41 bus. It's only 2.20 euro. You can take the 747/748 but it's 6 euro. Call me cheap. Both busses drop you off on O'Connell Street - near the giant useless stainless steel spire or needle. Not sure the point of that thing.

I stay at Abigails Hostel. It's on Lower Ormand Quay. If you get off the bus and walk toward the river, hang a right after you cross the river, Abigails is about 100 yards up. It's a great hostel. The staff are friendly. The rooms are functional. Beds are sleepable. EXCELLENT shower pressure and plenty of hot water. I've either stayed in a 8 or 10 bed en suite (the toilet and shower are in the room). I'…

Star Wars Art: Visions

Now this makes the perfect Christmas pressie for all the Star Wars addicts out there! This book is gorgeous, full of colour, and rich in tones. It brings together so many different artists - Evan Wilson, Jamie Wyeth, Alex Roth just to name a few. My favourite artist whose work is included? BORIS VALLEJO!!!! For me, that's the price of the book.

Spoilers: There is this bitchin' picture of a baby Darth Maul! I thought it was wicked cool it was throwing up the metal devil horns a'la Ronnie James Dio. Yes, I know it is also the universal sign language symbol for love. But a Metal Maul was too cool as well!!

Only $40 in the USA.

Definitely pick up a copy: ISBN 978-0-8109-9589-5

First Law of Mad Science

A globe trotting mystery adventure! Mike Isenberg and Oliver Mertz brings you First Law of Mad Science a 12 issue arc following super scientists as they try to head off panic over eye implants that have gone terribly awry.

Top Ten Reasons Why EVILE are better than Zombies

Ben Carter: Drummer. Bald Man. Nice Smelling. Zombie Hunter? Evile's resident heavy hitter took some time out of his hectic touring schedule to enlighten me as to why his band, EVILE were better than Zombies.

Coming in at Number Ten: #10 Evile have a greater knowledge of Zombie films than Zombies have of human films.

#9 We (the members of EVILE) all have use of our basic motor functions . . . (well, most of the time...)

#8 If you try to escape, we'll be to lazy to bother giving chase. Which means you'll probably live.

#7 Only one member of EVILE has a maggot infestation and four smelling breath. * ALL Zombies do! (* at the time of last doctor's check-up).

#6 The snoring noises Joel and Ben make whilst asleep are far scarier than a Zombie's groans and growls.

#5 EVILE can drink more than the equivalent Zombie ban. Probably because Zombies have massive, gaping abdomen wounds that the beers/whisky/vodka would just run straight out of.

#4 We won't try to eat your b…


EVILE are, by far, one of my favourite bands to shoot. Don't get me wrong, it's very hard to head bang and shoot at the same time. But it's worth it for an EVILE show. Last year they blistered the festival scene playing to tens of thousands of people. This fall they are on the road in the USA playing intimate venues. I gotta say, the gig in Brooklyn October 10, 2010 was my favourite. It was WAY too short, a scad over a half an hour. I was just getting warmed up. I made the "executive decision" - with the blessing of bassist Joel Graham, to shoot in black and white. These are the results.

One of the few colour photos I took. I love the reds and oranges in this photo of Ol Drake.

There is something about the shadow and colour in this one of Joel Graham

Joel Graham

Ol Drake

I love the darkness of this photo. It's very black. LOL There's movement and an intensity to this.

Ol practicing.

Ol Drake

Ol Drake

Ben Carter: naturally photogenic

One of my favourite photos


Ice Witch by Regine L. Sawyer

I had the pleasure of interviewing Regine L. Sawyer, owner and founder of Lockett Down Productions. Ms. Sawyer has plans of bringing ICE WITCH, a character introduced in The Rippers, to publication in 2011.

Locket Down Productions

You can find more information on ICE WITCH and other Lockett Down coimcs at. . .

Regine Sawyer on Facebook
Follow Lockett Down on Twitter

Tron Evolution Game Play

Excerpts from the TRON panel at New York Comic Con on October 9, 2010
Game play video for Tron Evolution

TRON iPhone App

Excerpts from the TRON panel at New York Comic Con on October 9, 2010
Info about Wii game and iPhone App

Something New for Doctor Who

Well here's something to whet your appetite. The 32nd Season of Doctor Who is coming to America! No Eddie Murphy here. The two part season opener brings the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith and the lovely Amy Pond, Karen Gillan, to of all places - Utah! Stven Moffat (BLINK) is writing the episode which is set to film in November.

It's being co-produced with BBC AMERICA, so we hope that doesn't mean a dumbing down of Mr. Moffat's work. If all goes well, the American's will keep their noses out of this and let Moffat exude his brilliance! Actual production stated in Cardiff this month (October)


Showrunner and lead writer, Steven Moffat, said: “The Doctor has visited every weird and wonderful planet you can imagine, so he was bound get round to America eventually! And of course every Doctor Who fan will be jumping up and down and saying he’s been in America before. But not for real, not on location - …

EVILE in Trenton 08 October 2010

Trenton is not a place you want to get lost in. It's dark. It's hard to read the street signs. There are a LOT of cops around, but they seem to be rushing off somewhere in a red / blue blinding hurry. Luckily, the people in the 7-11 knew exactly where I was going. I thought I was late but as it happens, EVILE haven't been hitting the stage until about 10pm. Lucky for me! With the "cozyness" of the Big Blue Van, a preference for Walmart car parks, and a love of A&W Root Beer the four lads that make up EVILE: Matt and Ol Drake, Ben Carter, and Joel Graham tore thru an all too short set. I swear, I was just getting warmed up! I must say, it is hard to shoot and headbang at the same time. Small one man mosh pits would erupt behind me and I'd brace myself for the random hit. I've been tagged harder at Duran Duran concerts. LOL The punters seemed content to headbang. Many went up to the band afterwards to thank them for the show and to profess their love of…

Image Comics presents: THE WRITERS

The most informative panel of Friday's Comicon was by far Image Comics presentation of THE WRITERS. Ron Marz, Nick Spencer, Steve Seagle and Robert Kirkman led an in depth discussion of the writing process. Each writer came to it a via a different route. Robert Kirkman wanted to be a writer / artist but found the drawing part not to be fun. He says it's way to much work. Nick Spenser started as a writer, was told his work was shite, and went off to live life thereby giving him something to write about. He actually worked for a senator from Ohio when he was in his twenties. Those life experiences is what he draws from now. Not only does a writer need life experience, but they also must think and write visually. You don't have to be an artist yoruself, that's why they have inkers and colourists. But you must use words to paint a picture. Ron Marz says to start with a visual. He starts with a blank piece of paper and numbers it from one to twenty-two. First he wants to ge…

The Walking Dead

Zombies are going "mainstream". From zombie books, to movies, to graphic novels - now we've serialized and hit prime time! The amazing series THE WALKING DEAD by Robert Kirkman has a full season on AMC starting this October (2010). If you haven't read the books, quickly! Go pick them up at your local comic book shop. You won't be disappointed.


Burn As One - Collapse

Star Trek Convention Phoenix, AZ - Creation Entertainment

Star Trek Convention Phoenix, AZ - Creation Entertainment

We are very excited to share the launch of
The Official STAR TREK Convention PHOENIX
coming to town on APRIL 9-10, 2011 in celebration of the incredible 45th Anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's legacy. We're at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel and we have a fantastic line-up of guests and attractions for you including headliner WILLIAM SHATNER (the man, the legend) in person! Forever young at the age of 80, Bill has FOUR new television productions this season (that has to be a record)!

The news of our return to Phoenix is so exciting that we've even heard from The Klingon Empire that B'ETOR, LURSA, MARTOK and GOWRON wish to attend! Smartly, we said yes, and for the first time EVER on Earth, we will have four Klingons with us as portrayed by Gwynyth Walsh, Barbara March, JG Hertzler and Robert O'Reilly recreating their famous roles! The kicker is that all four will be appearing on Sunday along with Bill Shatner (if o…

Mikko Siren

Here is an interview I did with Mikko Siren of Apocalyptica. I spoke to him before the show in Philadelphia. He's a top class gentleman with a sparkling since of humour.

EVILE is coming to the USA

Everyone's favourite thrash/metal band is returning to the shores of the USA!!! Touring for the next three months EVILE will be bringing it's headbanging moshing machine to a town near you! I grabbed everyone's favourite bass player, Joel Graham, for a quick 20Q....

VA: Welcome back to the USA. It's great that you are touring the states again. What are you most looking forward to?

JG: Love the US, can't wait to head back, so many things to look forward to, but the one thing I am most looking forward to is the US friendliness, so many conversations about everything and anything was had on our last visit. Not just a gigs, but Gas stations, stores, everywhere we went.

VA: I see that you are playing Texas an awful lot! Do you just like
Texas or was this due to the Booking Gods?

JG: The Booking gods I'm afraid, However it was one place we did have some killer shows on our last visit. Austin, Dallas, Odessa and Houston were on the tour before, but I do recall we are…

Event and Concert Photography

Event and Concert Photography

Event, Concert, and Stock photography. Any size. Custom gifts.

Custom Photography Gifts

Beautiful and Sacra

Here are two songs from Apocalyptica's show in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory on 28 August 2010. I've recorded "Sacra" and "Beautiful". Both are lovely songs from the new album 7th Symphony. Mikko plays bass on "Beautiful". Check out their Facebook page and for updates and tour dates. They are playing sold out shows in the USA right now. As the videos show, they are quite amazing live!

Cooking With Mikko

I had the honor of interviewing Mikko Siren from Apocalyptica when they played in Philadelphia on 28 August 2010. He is charming, witting, charming, well travelled, and well, ..... charming. I did find myself loosing myself in his crystal blue eyes and oh so deep dimples. He's more than just a pretty face behind a drum kit. A lot of the interview veered off track and onto my favourite topic. . . FOOD. Lucky for me, Mikko enjoys cooking and opening a restaurant is on his "bucket list". Pay close attention! He outlines one of his favourite salmon recipes.

Echoes Fall Interview


Metal is not dead. It’s just skint. So what do you do if you are an up and coming band, low on funds and heavy on talent? You play BLOODSTOCK, of course! I caught up with Ipswitch band EHOES FALL after a blistering set at this year’s Bloodstock.

Victoria: So how did you guys get started?
Jamie: Me and Gav were in a band before Echoes Fall, in a band called Supremacy. It didn’t go anywhere so we kinda started Echoes Fall and got Dex in the band. Then we got out new friend Stu whose brought a lot to the band. That’s how it really came together. Just from another band to a gooder band.

Victoria: so what are some of your influences?
Dex: As I Lay Dying
Stu: Black Dahlia Murder
Jamie: Parkway Drive
Gavin: Abigail Williams

Victoria: Basically, none of you are Bee Gee’s fans?
Jamie: I like the Bee Gees.
Stu: Some of the best music to come ever come out.
Jamie: And Michael Jackson

Victoria: Tell me about your new EP, you played a couple tracks off …

EVILE Enter the Grave live from Bloodstock and Interview

OK - I'm gonna shove some EVILE right down your throat! You need it! Yes, you do! I picked up two of their disks at HMV: Infected Nations and Enter the Grave. YOU MUST BUY THESE DISKS!! It's a thrash metal assault on your ears. This will make you most happy! For those of you who don't know, EVILE is: Matt Drake, Ol Drake, Joel Graham, and Ben Carter. A talented bunch of guys who play some totally kick ass thrash metal head-banging shredding music. Did I use enough adjectives? But really, you have to listen to this band. Head to the EVILE website for news on the upcoming USA tour, merchandise, and info on the band. You can also link to them on MySpace and Facebook.

I am admittedly late to the EVILE train. I claim spending the past year in the Middle East. It’s a goodly reason for missing what is arguably the best “new” metal, hard rock, thrash band to come around in ages. For three years, EVILE has been wowing Bloodstock crowds and gaining fans. I got a chance to chat with …

All We Are All We Are We Are We Are All All We Need

Doro totally kicking some serious metal ass at Bloodstock! Her backing band is from New Jersey! Johnny Dee on drums. Bas Maas on guitar (this guy has the most amazing teeth! no lie. it's the first thing i noticed about him. then his hair.) Nick Doughlas on bass. A very tight outfit. "All We Are" is an old Warlock song from the 1987 album TRIUMPH AND AGONY. I swear it just gets better every time I hear it. Live it's totally killer! Check out the Doro website for news and information on tours.

Doro and Sabina Classen singing Celebrate

I recorded this video at Bloodstock. It's Doro and Sabina Classen singing "Celebrate". Doro is one of the best metal front people on the planet! She really gets the crowd going!

Doro Pics from Bloodstock 2010

See more DORO pics from 2011 at the Gramercy in NYC

Thrash Monk Fast Music for Slow People

I ran into these guys at Bloodstock in the queue for the Powerwolf signing. Very articulate bunch of blokes that know what kind of music they like and what kind of music they want to read about. They have a small beef against Metal Hammer and it seems Metal Hammer, or at least one of their writers, has a beef against them. Indeed, before they agreed to be interviewed they made it perfectly clear that they were NOT twats. Far from it, I can only surmise the guy from Metal Hammer that did interview them had some kind of superiority complex or was not secure in his manhood to take to the streets in a short dress, wig, and make up. It doesn't matter what you wear. People like what they like and should be respected for it. Everyone has an opinion on what they want to read in rock mags. I'd like more EVILE, Collapse, VOLBEAT, and Metallica (can never get to much)! Others may want more Opeth, Nevermore, Cannibal Corpse or Blind Guardian. It's what makes the world go round; diffe…


This WARNING came from one of the guys in charge. It was totally justified!

How comfortable is this guy?

Three festival goers on their way to the unsigned band tent for some metal listening pleasures.

Just three dudes! All different, yet enjoying themselves.

This sums up Bloodstock weekend!

Bloodstock Day 3

Day three was a nice light work load for me. After two days of hectic shooting and interviewing I was looking forward to just enjoying the festival. I only had two things on tap to do today: Doro and The Prophecy. Sunday morning saw me wandering between the main stage and the unsigned stage. Both had respectable crowds. My choices were a female fronted, plodding, cookie monster growling, stock metal band and a pubescent Iron Maiden inspired just above garage band. I was equally bored with both sets. Luckily the respective fans of both bands were fist pumping and throwing devil horns. BLOODSTOCK indeed has something for everyone!

For those whose only dealings with Bloodstock are thru my blog or someone else's blog or reading about it in a magazine, Bloodstock takes place in Derbyshire. It's in the ass middle of nowhere England. You need a car to get there. There is nothing around for miles except grass and trees and more grass. No lie, the car park is next to a rather large flo…