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Monte Pittman - The Power of Three (album review)

I love good guitar albums.  Monte Pittman’s The Power of Three promises to be such an album. Monte Pittman boasts an impressive resume. For those uninitiated, Pittman taught guitar to both Guy Ritchie and Madonna. He’s even played guitar on her live tours staring in 2001. Not impressed yet? Pittman also played guitar in Prong. Not yet? How about, he performed at the 2012 Super Bowl. The Power of Three is a hard rock album for hard rock lovers. The Power of Three is Monte Pittman’s third album. It’s chock full of riffs, attitude, and head banging love. Kane Ritchotte helms drumming duties and he is augmented by Max Whipple on bass. I say, buy the album because Flemming Rasmussen produced and mixed it. C’mon, know you know it’s gonna sound good.
The Power of Three is a darn good guitar album with extra bits. The heavy guitars interplay nicely with the steady beat of the drums. The bass line weaves through to provide support. “Everything’s Undone” is a non-metal song. It’s more a rock an…

CRIPPLE BASTARDS: Italian Hardcore/Grind Squad Releases New Track

When adjectives like "hardcore" and "grind" are used to describe a band it's yawn inducing. I know you have to come up with new things to set you apart, but the adjectives are over used and in some cases used improperly. I approached Cripple Bastards with the dread of having to listen to "hardcore" and "grind" and was pleasantly surprised that Cripple Bastard's track "Nemico A Terra" was just strait ahead punk with thrash leanings. It's fast paced. It's damn near indecipherable. The drumming is hard and driving. The guitars create a wall of sound. It's cacophony. It's what you want to hear in a pit. Says vocalistGiulio The Bastard translates to, "Enemy Down." He delves, stating "It is a song about stubbornness in exacting revenge; never giving in to respite when focusing on your target."  A second track from the album is "Malato Terminale". This is a strait ahead heavy metal song. …

Savage Messiah Confirmed for Hammerfest

London's most awesome band and my personal favoruite SAVAGE MESSIAH have been confirmed for this year's Hammerfest, which takes place from March 13 to 16 in Pwllheli, Wales.

SAVAGE MESSIAH will be joining  KREATOR, OVERKILL, SOILWORK, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and more at the festival, which takes place following the band's UK headlining tour in support of their eagerly awaited upcoming new album, THE FATEFUL DARK.

SAVAGE MESSIAH lead guitarist JOFF BAILEY comments:

"We really can't wait to return to Hammerfest again this year!  Such a cool vibe there and we've always met killer people and had some real crazy times there!  Our new album - The Fateful Dark - is being released on the Monday of that week, plus we'll have just finished a run of headline dates around the UK, so it'll be an amazing end to our first run of shows for the year.  Looking forward to getting savage in North Wales with you all again!  LETS... GET... HAMMERED!!!"

For more information…

Slug Comparison - Bringer of Doom (video)

Haunting and moving new song from Doug Harrison the guitarist/vocalist from the band Fen. The vocals are smooth and serve to pull you in. The music has an 80s new wave tinge to them. The overall composition is rife with peaks and valleys that take you on a aural ride. If you like your music like a full bodied red wine, "Bringer of Doom" is a song for you.

Says Doug, "After 15 years with Fen, I've started a solo project called Slug Comparison. The need for the project came up a couple years ago when the band was writing Of Losing Interest. I would go home after jamming and I'd still have more ideas to get out and more energy to keep going, so I started piecing together songs on my computer, doing everything myself. "Bringer of Doom" is the first of those songs...

Metallica's Lars Ulrich Answers Reddit Users Questions

On January 30, 2014, Lars Ulrich, Metallica's founder, driving force, mouth piece, and drummer took to the Reddit AMA for a sit down with his harshest critics. . . his fans. Lars Ulrich tends to polarize people, fans of Metallica or not. Either you love him or you hate him. There seems to be no in between. Indeed, Lars is has a strong personality. He says what's on his mind (at that moment). He's wickedly intelligent, privileged, bold, a bit daring, and he's a damn fine businessman. Those are the exact traits that cause people to NOT like him. I'm in the camp of "loving Lars". Every time I've met him he's been polite, funny, caring, and on a few occasions, a bit of a brat; which made me love him even more. Reddit users got to ask Lars any question they chose from the inane to the profane and everything in between. This is just a fraction of what Lars answered - the important bits. 

Asked about songs from the Load/Reload, St. Anger material that has…

Pre-Order SAVAGE MESSIAH's "The Fateful Dark"

The British awesomeness that is Savage Messiah are gearing up for the release of their brand new completely wicked studio album, "The Fateful Dark", and I gotta tell ya, it's an absolute riff-fest!

"The Fateful Dark" is due to be released on March 12th and is gobsmackingly full of crushing riffs, face-melting solos, and soaring vocals.  This is , in my humble opinion, going to be one of the best metal albums of the year!

Pre-order "The Fateful Dark" now from the Earache Webstore on CD and you'll receive a free exclusive bonus disc featuring three killer cover tracks, or pre-order the album on vinyl and get a free bonus 10" with four cover tracks!  "The Fateful Dark" is also available on iTunes with three bonus tracks, and if you pre-order the album now you'll be able to download two tracks straight away, with another available on February 10th.

Reserve your copy of "The Fateful Dark" now:
Europe - http://webstore.earac…


JANUARY 24, MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Comics is turning pages for the Children’s Cancer Association with its digital comics. The entire Dark Horse Digital collection, which features over three thousand comics, will be made available for CCA’s program.  
The Children’s Cancer Association partners with six Portland-area health care providers, including Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and others, to offer programs and services free of charge to seriously ill children, teens, and their families. CCA’s programs and resources can now also be found in thirty-three pediatric hospitals across the nation.
Dark Horse Comics is also donating four Apple iPads to the charity for CCA’s use. These iPads will be loaded with Dark Horse content and will feature an age gate for kids twelve and under.
Dark Horse Digital offers its most popular titles at an unprecedented value, while providing the highest-quality reading experience possible. Through cloud-based t…


The NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL is pleased to officially welcome The Metal Alliance Tour to its already punishing three-day assault. The illustrious tour package will make a stop in Worcester on Saturday April 18th and features headliners Behemoth, alongside their Metal Blade labelmates Goatwhore, with additional support from 1349, Inquisition, and Black Crown Initiate.
Featuring two stages, the now legendary NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL continues to drive dozens of bands and thousands of fans to the iconic Worcester Palladium. Celebrating its sixteenth anniversary, this year's edition will take place on April 17th, 18th, and 19th. Initial day-to-day lineups are officially posted with more bands to be confirmed in the coming weeks. (Note this is NOT the official running order).
Thursday - April 17, 2014 All That Remains Bleeding Through Broken Hope Cop Problem Emmure Enabler Fallujah Gideon Kublai Khan Obey The Brave Rivers of Nihil Years Since The Storm Young and In T…

Adrenaline Mob - Come On Get Up! (video)

Rebel rousing, fun, lighthearted, did I mention fun? Something easy to sing along to (reminds me of old Sevendust). Adrenaline Mob is a straight ahead rock and roll band that is engaging and head banging, dancing about the flat worthy. I was totally singing along to the track as it was playing. You want a killer party song? Adrenaline Mob's "Come On Get Up" from the Century Media album "Men of Honor" should grace your CD player come February 18th. Adrenaline Mob is a beyond awesome group consisting of vocalist Russell Allen, guitarist Mike Orlando, bassist John Moyer, and drummer AJ Pero. Definitely pick up their second album "Men of Honor". It's wickedly bitchin!

Adrenaline Mob

Iced Earth - Plagues of Babylon (video)

Strong and heavy. Slightly menacing. This is the introduction to Iced Earth's 'Plagues of Babylon'.  'Plagues of Babylon' is from the new Century Media release entitled "Plagues of Babylon". The single 'Plagues of Babylon' is a solid heavy metal tome. The Tampa, FL band showcases Jon Schaffer on rhythm and leads guitars and vocals, Stu Block on lead and backing vocals, Troy Seele on lead guitar, John Dette on drums, and Luke Appleton on bass. The vocal harmonies are inspiring and uplifting. The rhythm section is on point. John Dette and Luke Appleton are solid and unyielding. It gives the song 'Plagues of Babylon' a strong center. It's around this center the guitar playing flourishes. The song has so many layers and vibes, subtle nuances that draw you in.  Give the song a listen, or three, or thirty. It's an instant classic!

The new album "Plagues Of Babylon“ is now available all across Europe! The new album is available as:

- …

The Haunted - Eye of the Storm (single)

The Haunted releases new single "Eye of the Storm" from the new Century Media album 'Eye of the Storm'. The Haunted hails from Sweden and consists of members Jensen and Ola Englund on guitars, Jonas Bjorler and Adrian Erlandsson on drums, and Marco Aro on vocals.

CM DIstro:

Monte Pittman - Before the Mourning Son (video)

The opening tone and riffs blew me away. The rest of the song was just jaw-dropping compositional wonderfulness. It's an amazing metal song by some truly gifted performers.

"Before the Mourning Son"  from the Metal Blade album from Monte Pittman called The Power of Three

Soreption - Engineering the Void (streaming single)

Swedish? Check! Death Metal? Check! Technical Mind Fuck? Check! Seriously, what more do you want in music?  SOREPTION releases  Engineering The Void on February 18th followed by a reissue of Deterioration Of Minds, both via Unique Leader Records. 

Now streaming at Decibel Magazine.
Listen to Entering the Void

Blackberry Smoke - Shakin' Hands With the Holy Ghost (video)

Smooth, Southern Style! That's Blackberry Smoke. A relaxing romp through old style southern rock and roll. No pretensions.

"The Whippoorwill" is due to be released in Europe on February 17th with three exclusive bonus tracks.  The album will be released on digipak CD, limited edition signed digipak CD, and limited edition coloured vinyl LP.

The album is also available in an ultra-limited pine box, hand-stencilled by the band themselves, which includes the album on exclusive white vinyl signed by the band, an album cover t-shirt, Blackberry Smoke playing cards and two Blackberry Smoke shot glasses.

Pre-order The Whippoorwill (3 BONUS TRACK UK/EU EDITION) now on CD, LP and special edition box set at

Following the European release of the album, BLACKBERRY SMOKE will be returning to Europe for a headlining tour.  See the band live at the following shows:

Feb. 28 - Glasgow, UK - O2 ABC
Mar. 01 - Nottingham, UK - Bodega (SOLD OUT)Mar. 02 - Manchester, UK -…

Steve Tucker debuts Warfather

Death metal at it's best. Warfather is set to debut a sonic blast that will shake the foundations of metal. Warfather is the brainchild of Steve Tucker whom you may remember from Morbid Angel. The first tracks released by the band are wickedly eclectic. It's death metal to be sure, growly vocals are there. But the actual composition is a study in chaos. The drumming is on a plane by itself while the guitars are weaving some magical mystical spell. There are moments when it all comes together and it's like reaching the apex of a parabolic arc. Then gravity takes over and you descend into madness. "Orchestrating the Apocalypse" (aptly titled) drops on January 21st (February 24th for the European audience) via Grayhaze Records.

Check out the track "My Queen Shall Not Be Mourned" streaming on Decibel Magazine.

"Shifting Poles" streaming on Invisible Oranges…

Eyehategod Cancels Australian Tour

EYEHATEGOD's recently announced 25 Years Of Dysfunctional Family Abuse Tour 2014, which included five Australian dates, was derailed today when the band was left stranded at the airport.
Comments the band in an official statement: "Due to poor planning by the Australian booking agent,EYEHATEGOD are sorry to say our Australian tour is now cancelled. We were left at the airport without our flights booked and then were expected to pay for them out of pocket an hour before boarding time. We were literally left standing with passports in hand but no way to travel. Many, many apologies to our Australian friends and fans. We will be back as soon as we can. Please understand this is not our fault. EYEHATEGOD loves Australia and were super excited to come back over." Further info is available at the band's Facebook page HERE.
The band is currently looking to book some last minute US shows in place of these cancelled dates. Previously announced performances in Reno, San Franci…