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Metallica By the Numbers

Thanks to WMMR for providing the maths-heads out there some amazing numbers!!

Want to amaze your friends and otaku alike? Here are some groovy stats about the world's favourite band - METALLICA!!!!

35 – The number of years since Metallica’s 1st show on March 14, 1982

3 – The number of days takes to build the entire World Wired Tour stage production in each stadium

48 – The number of trucks carrying 1.5 million pounds of steel and staging materials from city to city

4 – The number of big rig trucks dedicated to nothing but transporting lighting

54,000 – The number of guitar picks carried to accommodate what is being played and handed out to fans during the WorldWired Tour

41,158 – The number of sets of strings being played through countless riffs during the 27 shows

480 – The number of feet of custom truss and torms -  All Metallica white

83 – The number of laser fixtures, emitting a whopping 510 watts of laser light

91,800 – The number of refracted light beaming into the audience