Dublin is a Pit

Yeppers. Of all the cities that I've ever been to, Dublin is a pit. And yet I'm here several times a year. If it weren't for friends and family I wouldn't bother. Oh yeah, these people are truly loved! Good thing Dublin is easy to get around. From the Airport to the City Center takes about an hour. I usually take the 16a or 41 bus. It's only 2.20 euro. You can take the 747/748 but it's 6 euro. Call me cheap. Both busses drop you off on O'Connell Street - near the giant useless stainless steel spire or needle. Not sure the point of that thing.

I stay at Abigails Hostel. It's on Lower Ormand Quay. If you get off the bus and walk toward the river, hang a right after you cross the river, Abigails is about 100 yards up. It's a great hostel. The staff are friendly. The rooms are functional. Beds are sleepable. EXCELLENT shower pressure and plenty of hot water. I've either stayed in a 8 or 10 bed en suite (the toilet and shower are in the room). I've NEVER had a problem. They do have a free breakfast. It's the usual Euro fare. Enough to fill you up and get your day started.

The internet there is way freaking pricey: A euro for 15 mintues. Really??? There are still plenty of places in London where a pound will get you an entire hour! That's the thing you have to watch out for in Dublin - it can be hella expensive. Weird that. I shop in the grocery for brekkie bread and caffeine. No decent tea or coffee places that I've found.

Definitely treat yourself to a late night at Supermacs!!!! It's a dive burger joint on O'Connell. They serve more than just burgers, but I always get a cheeseburger and chips. It's a great late night place to gather with your mates and eat and shoot the shite. It's a very low brow McDonalds. There is a McDonalds open 24 hours down the street - closer to the Liffe. But SUPERMACS is the better option. Cheaper prices. Better food. More fun!


Anonymous said…
Hi Victoria

Thanks for your kind words on Abigail's Hostel, we're really happy you enjoyed your stay with us.

Hope you were able to take advantage of the free WiFi in the hostel, to avoid the charge for the terminals...

All the best
A*Star Hostel Group Dublin

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