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Burn As One - Collapse

Star Trek Convention Phoenix, AZ - Creation Entertainment

Star Trek Convention Phoenix, AZ - Creation Entertainment

We are very excited to share the launch of
The Official STAR TREK Convention PHOENIX
coming to town on APRIL 9-10, 2011 in celebration of the incredible 45th Anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's legacy. We're at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel and we have a fantastic line-up of guests and attractions for you including headliner WILLIAM SHATNER (the man, the legend) in person! Forever young at the age of 80, Bill has FOUR new television productions this season (that has to be a record)!

The news of our return to Phoenix is so exciting that we've even heard from The Klingon Empire that B'ETOR, LURSA, MARTOK and GOWRON wish to attend! Smartly, we said yes, and for the first time EVER on Earth, we will have four Klingons with us as portrayed by Gwynyth Walsh, Barbara March, JG Hertzler and Robert O'Reilly recreating their famous roles! The kicker is that all four will be appearing on Sunday along with Bill Shatner (if o…

Mikko Siren

Here is an interview I did with Mikko Siren of Apocalyptica. I spoke to him before the show in Philadelphia. He's a top class gentleman with a sparkling since of humour.

EVILE is coming to the USA

Everyone's favourite thrash/metal band is returning to the shores of the USA!!! Touring for the next three months EVILE will be bringing it's headbanging moshing machine to a town near you! I grabbed everyone's favourite bass player, Joel Graham, for a quick 20Q....

VA: Welcome back to the USA. It's great that you are touring the states again. What are you most looking forward to?

JG: Love the US, can't wait to head back, so many things to look forward to, but the one thing I am most looking forward to is the US friendliness, so many conversations about everything and anything was had on our last visit. Not just a gigs, but Gas stations, stores, everywhere we went.

VA: I see that you are playing Texas an awful lot! Do you just like
Texas or was this due to the Booking Gods?

JG: The Booking gods I'm afraid, However it was one place we did have some killer shows on our last visit. Austin, Dallas, Odessa and Houston were on the tour before, but I do recall we are…

Event and Concert Photography

Event and Concert Photography

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Beautiful and Sacra

Here are two songs from Apocalyptica's show in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory on 28 August 2010. I've recorded "Sacra" and "Beautiful". Both are lovely songs from the new album 7th Symphony. Mikko plays bass on "Beautiful". Check out their Facebook page and for updates and tour dates. They are playing sold out shows in the USA right now. As the videos show, they are quite amazing live!

Cooking With Mikko

I had the honor of interviewing Mikko Siren from Apocalyptica when they played in Philadelphia on 28 August 2010. He is charming, witting, charming, well travelled, and well, ..... charming. I did find myself loosing myself in his crystal blue eyes and oh so deep dimples. He's more than just a pretty face behind a drum kit. A lot of the interview veered off track and onto my favourite topic. . . FOOD. Lucky for me, Mikko enjoys cooking and opening a restaurant is on his "bucket list". Pay close attention! He outlines one of his favourite salmon recipes.