EVILE is coming to the USA

Everyone's favourite thrash/metal band is returning to the shores of the USA!!! Touring for the next three months EVILE will be bringing it's headbanging moshing machine to a town near you! I grabbed everyone's favourite bass player, Joel Graham, for a quick 20Q....

VA: Welcome back to the USA. It's great that you are touring the states again. What are you most looking forward to?

JG: Love the US, can't wait to head back, so many things to look forward to, but the one thing I am most looking forward to is the US friendliness, so many conversations about everything and anything was had on our last visit. Not just a gigs, but Gas stations, stores, everywhere we went.

VA: I see that you are playing Texas an awful lot! Do you just like
Texas or was this due to the Booking Gods?

JG: The Booking gods I'm afraid, However it was one place we did have some killer shows on our last visit. Austin, Dallas, Odessa and Houston were on the tour before, but I do recall we are going to many more places in the Lone Star state this tour. Austin was one of my favorites, also what an awesome city that place is!!

VA: Which city are you personally looking forward to playing?

JG: I personally can't wait to hit Winnipeg, CA I used to live quite close in a small city called Kenora and it will be my first visit back in 5 years. I should get chance to see some old faces. Also I'm looking forward again to Denver, I had a great time there, some of the best beers I had in the US actually, and the altitude helped :) Other then that, all of it really, ha ha. There is something about visiting somewhere for the first time, so mainly all of the cities I have not seen.

VA: There are a ton of dates, loads of playing the same cities twice, and mondo criss-crossing of the USA. How did that come about?

JG: Booking Gods again, On our last visit, we headed anti clockwise around the US, then did it all again, almost the same venues too with a few exceptions. It's interesting to see the contrast between first and second visits in each city. This time we are hitting many places we didn't get to on the last tour so it will be like starting over in many places.

VA: Tell me about the tour bus situation (one or two busses, crew on
bus with you, etc.)

JG: Bus? are you having a laugh, Crew? Now your really trying to wind me up, ha ha. The last US tour we did was completed in it's entirety in a Ford E150 + 1 x driver, that was our bus, hotel, bed, dining room, everything. This time I do believe (as of now) we are sharing an RV with our tour buddies, Gama Bomb. So that means 10 guys sharing a bigger van...for 3 months, gulp!! It potentially sounds horrendous doesn't it? but seriously I can't wait. It really is an experience traveling this way, and we are fortunate enough also to be able to pull in some sight seeing this way. Last time we got chance to visit the Goonies house, the Ghostbusters stations, the Die Hard tower, just because we wanted to, you wouldn't get the chance to do that in a tour bus.

VA: What kind of gear are your bringing with? Will you rent at each
place or rent once when you arrive and carry it around for 3 months?

JG: It's super expensive for non US bands to ship gear into the states to do shows, so it will be just our guitars and drum breakables that we bring with us. We do have some AWESOME endorses such as Fender / Jackson and Peavey who were able to loan us amps for the last trip, hopefully this will be the case for this tour. Drums, an agreement is usually made with one of the US bands to do a kit share, again proving metal is one big family of people helping each other out.

VA: What kind of challenges does renting equipment bring versus having your own?

JG: The obvious really, will it work?, how do I change this amp to get 'that' sound etc, usually takes a few gigs to settle in with the gear, but so far so good, never had any problems with rented equipment as we try and get like for like against our own gear. One thing you do find though is you look after rented gear better then your own :).

VA: Can you give us a sneak peak at the setlist?

JG: Yeah sure, It will contain songs from the Enter the Grave and Infected Nations albums.

VA: What are your expectations for the tour?

JG: Really don't know? I would like to think we will play to some people every night? That would be nice ha, Only thing I can say is that on our first visit we had no idea what to expect, Matt (Drake) our singer/guitarist likened it to starting the band again, almost like going back in time 5 years, playing to totally new people night after night, so with that behind us, the only expectation is that the shows are like the previous run, we'll do our best night after night to get crowds banging their heads, and that will be a win for me.

VA: What kind of merchandise will you have for sell?

JG: The usual, a couple of T-shirt designs, CD's, Hopefully some smaller cheaper stuff like patches, sweatbands that people can pick up with some loose change if they wish.

VA: Will the fans be able to follow you on MySpace and Facebook?Regular updates from the road?

JG: Yeah, we try and do this as much as we can. We found the states had pretty good WiFi everywhere we went, so when we can, we will be doing updates on those sites on the tour. One thing I have to say personally is that I find Facebook awesome for just keeping in touch with family and friends when on the road, I can blast up some photos/ updates and everyone sees them, saves me from having to email loads of people the same stuff.

VA: I saw you had precious few days off? What do you plan on doing?
Anything special?

JG: Most likely traveling, due to the routing on these tours I've found that 'Day off' equals 'Long distance to next gig'.

VA: Any special ways to manage the stress of caravanning, hotels,
gigs; just general life on the road?

JG: Personally I think it's about your whole attitude to what you are doing, if you get stressed touring or being in a confined space with others for periods of time, then maybe being in a band isn't the right career choice. We don't get stressed, it's part of the gig, and you just have to accept it is part of it. There are low moments of nothingness, but if you focus on what is coming, the next show, the next city. It's nice to look out of the window and think 'In what other job would I be looking out over the deserts of Arizona, or the Rocky Mountains other than this one'.

VA: I'm a major foodie and will go to places just to eat. Are there
any American foods you are looking forward to or regional dishes (Texas Chilli, Kansas BBQ, etch..)?

JG: Oh, we love American food, New York Subway, Boston Subway, St Paul Subway, Chicago Subway, ha ha. The list goes on... No, seriously it's pretty difficult sometimes to set the time aside to go somewhere to have a sit down meal in a diner or cafe bar, we did manage it a few times and we did go 'all out' when we did, but mainly it's food 'on the go' for us. One thing that makes eating in the US a disadvantage for me personally is that I have been vegetarian for about 12 years now and pretty much all American dishes are meat based, but.... you guys know your food, and I am never spoilt for choice, and most importantly, you can eat well for so little cash!!, always a good thing.

VA: What will be the best and worse things about living on a coach for the next three months?

JG: The worst thing is we are not gonna be living on a coach, the best thing is I will be daydreaming that I am.

VA: Sometimes fans bring gifts to the shows. What kind of gifts would you like your fans to bring you?

JG: Socks, Candy, Magazines, Cans of Soda, Drew Barrymore and some Cigarets (Lucky Strike Red please)

VA: If you could have super hero powers, what super hero powers would you have?

JG: Hmmm, only one?.... Ok, it would have to be 'Teleportation' wow!!, how much fun would that be?

VA: An August issue of Entertainment weekly had the top Sexy Beasts.
It was a competition between vampires, werewolves, cyborgs, robots;
all manner of pop-culture sci-fi hotties. What kind of Sexy Beast are

JG: One that springs to mind (mainly because I watched it recently) would be Iron Man, I kinda like the idea of the 'guy working hard on something and getting a result, and when he does proudly is totally honest stating he is the hero at the end. A kind of "F**k it, I worked hard, everyone should know". Ha ha.. Usually there is always secrecy behind hero's / Vampires / etc etc. who change into others, so in effect they are mainly habitual liars, so yeah the honest sexy beast wins for me.

VA: Your hair is soooo silky soft. What do you for hair care products?

JG: Ha, ha thank you! Previously on the road hair care treatment has involved hand soap, body lotion and basically anything that foams to give my head a wash after going about 8-9 days once without a shower when touring anything will do. So basically any old crap seems to work. Oh and a brush.

VA: How happy will you be to see me again?

JG: If you bring one of the aforementioned gifts, I will be ecstatic to see you. :-) If you don't, I'll still be very happy to see you. The last time we met briefly a Bloodstock, your interview was a breath of fresh air and you made us laugh, so yeah, can't wait.


Readers have plenty of chances to go see EVILE. Below is a list of dates. Pick one. NO pick five!!! Go to all the shows !!!!

Sep 28 2010 1:00A

Sep 28 2010 7:30P
The Rock Tuscan, AZ

Sep 30 2010 7:00P
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oct 1 2010 7:00P
Houston, Texas

Oct 2 2010 7:00P
white rabbit
San Antonio, Texas

Oct 3 2010 7:00P
Austin, Texas

Oct 4 2010 7:00P
Ridglea Theater
Ft Worth, TX

Oct 5 2010 7:00P
The Muse
Nashville, TN

Oct 6 2010 7:00P
Budda's Place
Newport News, VA

Oct 7 2010 7:00P
Baltimore, MD

Oct 8 2010 7:00P
Championship Bar And Grill
Trenton, NJ

Oct 9 2010 7:00P
Rocko's Rock Club
Manchester, NH

Oct 10 2010 7:00P
Brooklyn, NY

Oct 12 2010 7:00P
Sneaky Dee's
Toronto, ON

Oct 13 2010 7:00P
Broadway Joe's
Buffalo, NY

Oct 14 2010 7:30P
Cleaveland, OH

Oct 15 2010 7:30P
Detroit, MI

Oct 16 2010 7:00P
Mad Planet
Milwaukee, WI

Oct 17 2010 6:30P
Reggie's Rock Club
Chicago, IL

Oct 18 2010 7:00P
The Riot Room
Kansas City, MO

Oct 19 2010 7:00P
Larimer Lounge
Denver, CO

Oct 20 2010 7:00P
Club Vegas
Salt Lake City, UT

Oct 22 2010 7:00P
Portland, OR

Oct 23 2010 7:00P
El Corazon
Seattle, WA

Oct 24 2010 7:00P
Vancouver, BC

Oct 25 2010 7:30P
Prince George, BC

Oct 26 2010 7:30P
Edmonton, AL

Oct 27 2010 7:00P
Regina, SK

Oct 28 2010 7:00P
Royal Albert Arms (HEADLINE SHOW)
Winnipeg, MB

Oct 29 2010 7:00P
Thunder Bay, ON

Oct 30 2010 7:00P
The Roxx Tavern (HEADLINE SHOW)
St Cloud, MN

Oct 31 2010 7:00P
Indianapolis, IN

Nov 1 2010 7:00P
London, ON

Nov 2 2010 7:00P
Broadway Joe's (HEADLINE SHOW)
Buffalo, NY

Nov 3 2010 7:00P
Championship Bar And Grill (HEADLINE SHOW)
Trenton, NJ

Nov 4 2010 7:00P
JAXX Concert Venue & Nightclub (w/ FORBIDDEN)
West Springfield, VA

Nov 5 2010 6:00P
Montage Music Hall
Rochester, New York

Nov 6 2010 6:00P
Crazy Donkey
Farmingdale, NY

Nov 7 2010 6:00P
Club Hell
Providence, RI

Nov 9 2010 6:00P
Canal Club
Providence, RI

Nov 10 2010 6:30P
Amos Southend
Charlotte, NC

Nov 11 2010 6:30P
Raleigh, NC

Nov 12 2010 6:30P
Jacksonville, NC

Nov 13 2010 6:30P
Club Firestone
Orlando, FL

Nov 14 2010 6:30P
Culture Room
Ft Lauderdale, FL

Nov 15 2010 6:30P
The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA

Nov 16 2010 6:30P
Peabody's Downunder
Cleveland, OH

Nov 17 2010 6:30P
Newport Music Hall
Columbus, OH

Nov 18 2010 6:30P
Diesel Nightclub
Pittsburgh, PA

Nov 19 2010 6:30P
Rocko's Bar and Grill
Manchester, NH

Nov 20 2010 6:30P
Starland Ballroom
Sayreville, NJ


Nov 21 2010 6:30P
Ottawa, ON

Nov 22 2010 6:30P
Foufounes Electriques (Les)
Montreal, QC, CANADA

Nov 23 2010 6:30P
Mod Club, The
Toronto, ON, Canada

Nov 24 2010 6:30P
Detroit, Michigan

Nov 25 2010 6:30P
The Muse Nashville
Nashville, Tennessee

Nov 26 2010 6:30P
Phoenix Hill Tavern
Louisville, KY

Nov 27 2010 6:30P
Reggie's Rock Club
Chicago, IL

Nov 28 2010 6:30P
Milwaukee, WI

Nov 29 2010 6:30P
Station 4
Saint Paul, MN

Dec 1 2010 6:30P
Scout Bar (San Antonio)
San Antonio, Texas

Dec 2 2010 6:30P
Emo's Alternative Lounging (Indoor)
Austin, TX

Dec 3 2010 6:30P
Scout Bar
Houston, TX

Dec 4 2010 6:30P
Dallas, TX

Dec 5 2010 7:00P
The War Legion Underground
Amarillo, TX

Dec 6 2010 6:30P
The Rock
Tucson, AZ

Dec 7 2010 6:30P
U.B.'s Bar
Mesa, AZ

Dec 8 2010 6:30P
Whiskey a go go
Hollywood, California

Dec 9 2010 6:30P
Ramona Mainstage Theater
Ramona, CA

Dec 10 2010 6:30P
New Oasis
Sparks, NV

Dec 11 2010 6:30P
DNA Lounge
San Francisco, CA

Dec 12 2010 7:00P
Chain Reaction (HEADLINE SHOW)
Anaheim, CA

Dec 13 2010 7:00P
Cheyenne Saloon (HEADLINE SHOW)
Las Vegas, NV

TOUR w/ DRI + Bonded By Blood TOUR
Dec 15 2010 7:00P
Farmington, NM

Dec 16 2010 7:30P
Club 21
Pueblo, CO

Dec 17 2010 7:30P
Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO

Dec 18 2010 7:30P
Club Vegas
Salt Lake City, UT

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