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Victoria Anderson Photography - Portfolio

Now you can have your own copy of some of the great photos you've seen here! Victoria Anderson Photography is offering a print portfolio spanning live band shots (as opposed to zombie bands), movie production stills, and natural portraiture!

Victoria Anderson Photography Issue 2:Victoria Anderson Photography PortfolioIn association with TheKaliDiaries, Victoria Anderson Photography: The Moment When All The World Stops is proud it offer a print edition of Victoria Anderson's photography portfolio. This edition offers the best in live concert photography, production stills, and natural portraiture. If you are look…

Skunk Anansie 2011 Tour Dates (so far)!!!!

11.06.2011 Download Festival Donington, UK
01.07.2011 B'est Fest Romania
03.07.2011 Dobry Festival Jelsova, Presov
06.07.2011 Castello Court Udine Italy
08.07.2011 Pistoia Blues Festival Italy
09.07.2011 Neapolis Festival Italy
10.07.2011 Piazza Castello - Ferrara Italy
15.07.2011 Mares Vivas Festival Portugal
19.07.2011 Milano Jazzin Festival Italy
20.07.2011 Rock In Roma Italy
22.07.2011 Open Air Lumnezia Switzerland
23.07.2011 Das Fest Germany
24.07.2011 Deichbrand Festival Germany
12.08.2011 Sziget Festival Budapest
13.08.2011 Spirit of Burgas Bulgaria
15.08.2011 Kasematten, Graz Austria
16.08.2011 Eventcenter Indoors, Hohenems Austria

Random Shoes

Well, I've gone and done it. I'm now self publishing. I think this is the best way to get my version of the verse out there. This is my first but will NOT be my last foray into publishing my photos, words, and naughty naughty deeds!! LOL Take a look, order a copy... more to come!

Victoria Anderson Photography Issue 1:Victoria Anderson PhotographyRandom Shoes is a labour of love and randomness. I've wrangled my friends to show the sacred circle of shoeness and taken pictures of the results. I've snapped photos of interesting shoes whilst traveling. While not seen as important, everyone has shoes. They have their favourite pair. They show the…

Iron Maiden to donate proceeds of T-Shirts to Japanese Recovery

Iron Maiden had to cancel both Tokyo due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. What to do with all the date branded t-shirts? Donate the proceeds of the sale of them to a charity to help the victims! How cool! Manager Rod Smallwood says that as soon as they can work out shipping the t-shirts that are in Tokyo at the venue with the dates on it will be sold. You can purchase a t-shirt at the Official Iron Maiden Shop.

Rival Sons

My ears had the pleasure of being introduced to RIVAL SONS. I can't thank Earache Records enough for this band! They are frakking awesome! It takes me back to my wild and impetuous youth in the 70s: bell bottoms, wide collars, and wicked guitar riffs. Depending on the song or the mood - Jay Buchanan sounds one part Freddy Mercury, one part robert Plant, one part David Coverdale, one part Rod Stewart. Just depends. His voice makes me want to don a pair of daisy dukes, a tube top, Candy's high heels and dance on a pole! Jay is accentuated by Scott Holiday laying down some heavy riffage. My prediction is he is taking Jimmy Pages throne as bluesy guitar god. Rival Sons has heavy nods to the groove oriented Zeppelin and swagger of Jeff Beck circa 1969-1971. The rhythm section is fiercely held down by Robin Everhart on bass and Michael Miley on drums.

"Sleepwalker" and "Torture" are definitely two of my favourite tracks from the EP released in January 2011. The …

Coffee*** 12 Jammy Dodgers***and a Fez!!

April 23!! Yep, a Saturday night! The newest season of Doctor Who, 32 for anyone counting, will be double premiered in BOTH the UK and the USA. BBC America will air part 1 at 9PM / 8 Central. After episode 7, "Demons Run" the show will take a break only to return in the fall with airings of episodes 8 to 13. Happily, they are bringing back Rory (Arthur Darvill) and my all time favourite Alex Kingston (Eastenders and The Bill) as River Song! Can't wait!!! I do love my Doctor, no matter what form he takes. Matt Smith proved last season he has the hutzpuh to to take such a well known character and make it his own. Did I mention I'm exciting that River Song is coming back???!!! Bring on April 23! I just hope BBC America plays (not bloody likely) the episodes as they air on the Beeb and not the hatchet job editing that they've been doing.

Bonded By Blood EU Tour Dates

All I can say is wheeeeeeeeeee!!!! As Bonded By Blood are awesometastic live! I caught them in Brooklyn late last year and had a blast! They are really headbanging fantastic fun! Catch them out as they spend March - or as I like to say "Irish History Month" caravaning thru the UK, Germany and other nifty EU places!

Wed 09.03.11 Academy 2, London, UK.
Thu 10.03.11 Area 81, Bristol, UK.
Fri 11.03.11 Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes, UK.
Sat 12.03.11 Well, Leeds, UK.
Sun 13.03.11 Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, UK.
Mon 14.03.11 The Maze, Nottingham, UK.
Tue 15.03.11 Joiners, Southampton, UK.
Wed 16.03.11 Metal Lust @ Brickmakers, Norwich, UK.
Thu 17.03.11 Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany.
Fri 18.03.11 Dynamo, Zürich, Switzerland.
Sat 19.03.11 Modra Vopice, Prague, Czech Republic.
Sun 20.03.11 Orto Bar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Mon 21.03.11 3Raum, Vienna, Austria.
Tue 22.03.11 Lazzaretto, Bologna, Italy.
Wed 23.03.11 Mephisto, Barcelona, Sp…