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My Happy Place

Three iron Maiden shows in four days. It's not a record as far as concert goings goes; but it was a whirlwind nonetheless. Maiden hit the stage and I was so excited!! I know it had only been three months since I saw them last, but dag nabbit they put on a great show. The set list was the same as the Meadowlands - come on, Iron Maiden do NOT change their set list! lol I generally rocked out and went nutzo!
Sunday the 15th was the "BIG DAY". Another meet up at Twins had been planned. Twins is a really nice bar on 9th Avenue and 32nd St. It's right across from B&H. The food is choice and the company is even better. 
I wore my ChelseaFC shirt for another Chelsea fan on the IMOFC boards. A few (super) Leeds supporters draped a scarf around me in an attempt to get me to convert. It did not work, but much fun was had by all. 

The coolest thing ever about this whole experience... I found out on the 14th ,right before the PNC show, that I had won the HEAVEN CAN WAIT contest!…