Cooking With Mikko

I had the honor of interviewing Mikko Siren from Apocalyptica when they played in Philadelphia on 28 August 2010. He is charming, witting, charming, well travelled, and well, ..... charming. I did find myself loosing myself in his crystal blue eyes and oh so deep dimples. He's more than just a pretty face behind a drum kit. A lot of the interview veered off track and onto my favourite topic. . . FOOD. Lucky for me, Mikko enjoys cooking and opening a restaurant is on his "bucket list". Pay close attention! He outlines one of his favourite salmon recipes.


Penina said…
From the hand movements (and the fact it was a Japanese chef that taught him), I don't think he meant shallots, I think he described Scallions, also known as Spring Onions.
Just sayin....because Shallots impart a different flavor.
I would make the recipe twice, probably yummy either way.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Mikko has GREEN eyes - the clearest green you've ever seen!
Paavo and Eicca have beautiful blue eyes, and Perttu's are hazel.

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