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Chariot of the Gods - Tides of War (video)

Chariots of The Gods - "Tides of War"

Iron Maiden-esque riffage? Check!
Time changes? Check!
Head banging guitars? Check!
Fast and Furious? Check!
Stock Guitar Solo? Check!
Kinda Emo Interlude? Check!

There is a LOT going on in the song "Tides of War". The track is from Chariots of The Gods 2013 album Tides of War. The album emerged in January of this year. The great thing about this is that it is a self release. I give a big thumbs up to Chariots of the Gods for putting together a really good sounding album. I'm not the only one who thinks so. The band have been getting some choice reviews.

The first thing you notice about Tides of War is the guitar playing. Dimitri Gervais and Mathieu St.Amour are tight. They are quite the guitar duo. "Blind Assassin" and "Ambrosian Wings" highlight their riffage. These are songs that Iron Maiden should be writing if they weren't so hung up with being, well, Iron Maiden. Tides of War is a fresh take on…

Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy

ahhhhh Immolation Y U so Heavy???!!! I'd like to personally thank those at Nuclear Blast Europe for the new Immolation track "Kingdom of Conspiracy" from the album Kingdom of Conspiracy. It is a symphony of guitars. It is a guttural assault on the senses. Yes you may have heard the runs before. Yes it may seem to sound like every other death metal band out there. But settle yourselves into the ebb and flow of the composition. You shall find that Ross Dolan, Robert Vigna, Bill Taylor, and Steve Shalaty finesse their way thru a classic head banging dirge-like abyss of hell. And let's not forget dear listeners.... Immolation, under the guise of Rigor Mortis, started this trend in the way back machine known as the 80s (in finger quotes). So if you've heard all of this before - you may thank THEM as THEY STARTED IT ALL!!!! 

Get the album at:
Nuclear Blast Records:


June Friday Night Dance Party - Best of 2013 pt.1

It's hard to believe it's June already! Half the year has come and gone. This months Friday Night Dance Party is gonna look at the Top 5 songs from 2013 thus far. A lot of good music has graced my ears and hopefully yours. They have made the Evil DJ in your head very happy indeed! In no particular order, here are you Top 5 songs from 2013.

Finntroll - Haxbrygd

From the all too fun album  Blodsvept. 

Russkaja - Energia

OMFG!! I'm totally in love with this band! It's so hard to put into words what they are! Just give them a listen and totally rock out! Energia is the title track from the album Energia on Napalm Records.

Hate Squad - Not My God

Ok - so this is actually from 1995; but this year marks the 20th anniversary of this totally bitchin' thrash band! They released You Are Not My Fuckin' God: Best of 20 Years of Raging Hate. 37 brutal tracks that will defo make your ears bleed!****n-god/id606506431

As They Burn…


(New York, NY June 3rd 2013)- New York hardcore veterans Biohazard announce The Infection Approaching Tour. The tour will consist of seven summer engagements at limited capacity venues as a thank you to their fans that have supported the band for over 24 years.

Vocalist/Guitarist Billy Graziadei says about the run, “We've spent a lot of our time touring overseas and on other continents, it's about time we came back home and tore it up for our friends here!”

Below are all upcoming Infection Approaching tour dates

Tour Dates:
6/13- Presidents Rock Club- Quincy, MA
6/14- The Kave- Bucksport, ME
6/15- Amnesia Rock Fest- Marina De Montebello, Quebec CN
6/16- Macs Bad Art Bar- Syracuse, NY
6/17- Bogies- Albany, NY
8/15- El N Gee Club- New London, CT
8/17- Mojo 13- Wilmington, DE
8/18- The Boneyard- Atlantic City, NJ

BIOHAZARD has sold millions of albums worldwide since they achieved international success with their albums Urban Discipline on Roadrunner Records in 1992 and 1994’s State of the Wo…