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Bring on 2011

After working for the man for oooh so long I decided to follow my heart. I've always loved music and photography so I vowed in late winter of 2010 to start making plans to do both full time! The universe intervened and I had to speed up my timetable by over six months. So last April The Kali Diaries embarked on a quest. Your erstwhile blogger, traveler, and photographer dove face first into a new career. It was a huge change of life to say the least. I started at the bottom of a new career ladder. The Kali Diaries was fortunate that there were many friends and family members to help her along the way. This blog found the Kali Diaries shooting at Sonisphere, Bloodstock, interviewing EVILE, COLLAPSE, and APOCALYPTICA. It's been amazing and it hasn't even been a year yet. I feel I've come so far, and yet I have far to go. No worries, the Kali Diaries will continue bringing you fun and food from around the globe! More videos, interviews and pictures; because I know every o…

Andre's Trousers

This is what happens when you rock out just a little to much on stage!