Top Ten Reasons Why EVILE are better than Zombies

Ben Carter: Drummer. Bald Man. Nice Smelling. Zombie Hunter? Evile's resident heavy hitter took some time out of his hectic touring schedule to enlighten me as to why his band, EVILE were better than Zombies.

Coming in at Number Ten: #10 Evile have a greater knowledge of Zombie films than Zombies have of human films.

#9 We (the members of EVILE) all have use of our basic motor functions . . . (well, most of the time...)

#8 If you try to escape, we'll be to lazy to bother giving chase. Which means you'll probably live.

#7 Only one member of EVILE has a maggot infestation and four smelling breath. * ALL Zombies do! (* at the time of last doctor's check-up).

#6 The snoring noises Joel and Ben make whilst asleep are far scarier than a Zombie's groans and growls.

#5 EVILE can drink more than the equivalent Zombie ban. Probably because Zombies have massive, gaping abdomen wounds that the beers/whisky/vodka would just run straight out of.

#4 We won't try to eat your brains. Your. Delicious. BRAAAAAIIIIINNSSSSSS!!!!

#3 You don't have to shoot us in the head to get rid of us. Just tell us to Fuck Off.

#2 Ol has a cooler beard than most Zombies.

And the number one reason why EVILE are better than Zombies........

#1 Being bitten by a member of EVILE won't turn you into a member of EVILE. Or so statistics show.

LOL Muchos Gracias to Mr. Carter for his insight! Catch EVILE on tour of the USA with Bonded By Blood and Early Man.


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