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January 2009 Blog

Ok - this is a nice long blog about January 2009. I hope you are comfy and have a nice cup of coffee. Or sweet tea. Yesh, my brother in law made some sweet tea today and I've inhaled a nice tall glass of it. This blog has it all: intrigue, sex, music, muse, bacon, chocolate, wickedness, and cream filled danish. LOL

Metallibash 2009

Zowie! I'm not sure it's a bash I had or just a get together among friends. Yeah, i rented out the upstairs of TWINS: $41 open bar and all you can eat. The food was aces as usual. The drinks were supreme. It's just every time we have the bash the attendance gets smaller and smaller. Just not sure I can be bothered to this. It was stressful.

By 1600 I was on the train. Actually it was train #2. I was at the station for the 1446 train only to find I had left my concert tickets at home. I had to run back to the car park, drive home, pick them up and drive back to the train station. I was unfashionably late for my own bash. It was just an off morning. A cluster fuck from the word go. You know what saved my bacon that day?

Lee Ayers
Jimmy D - my devil in a blue dress
Ghostly Hand
Adedude and his glowing nipples
Kat!!!! my bestest mate ever!
Trish - the original energizer bunny
Lord Lucan and his mates
William D
Matt an…

February 1, 2009

January 31, 2009

Is this not just the most awesome thing you've ever seen? OMG. Breathtaking. Between headbanging and the whole "I want to go to there." vibe, the night was full of eye candy!

February 1, 2009

“All Nightmare Long” … I hunt you down with out mercy
I hunt you down all nightmare long

OMG! James sang this right in front of us! It was wicked. His hair was lit so it looked like frosted tips. The light from below made him look sinister.

Along the rail where I was - in front of Rob’s bass cabinets, ya think!? Bob, Brad from CT, Gina, Me, Tom, and Matt. Then two strangers but it picked up with Matt, Yuri, some big dude with a bowl hair cut that is in either AJFA or Virginia Fuel, Ron, Brad (Metallica Tour Camper), George, Laura (Ron’s gyrl), a few more strangers then Stephanie, Kat, Ade, Lee, Trish. LOL The entire rail on that side was clubbers that the band knew.

Lars kept coming down and acknowledging Ron’s group. Trish got sticks both nights! James looked …

Uniondale January 29th, 2009

The drive to Uniondale Long Island type thingie yo was actually aces. I made it in 2 1/2 hours. That's a record. I only spent half hour in the hell that is Staten Island! LOL I got to the venue early enough that parking was free. I was met by my favourite guys!

The weather was nice despite Vinnie being wrapped up in a parka and face mask. I tought it was hi-larious!!! But then I've got five years of Wisconsin and one of Alaska under my belt. I was giggly happy that he and Lissette made it out to the venue. It became old home week. Just chatting with people I knew and hadn't seen in ages.

I got my bum to work at 3pm on the dot. Got a tour of the facility. Guided to the Production Office, shown where I got to film, and released to go back outside to hang with my mates. I took the meet and greeters down and we just hung out. Now the fun began! I was asked twice about why I had a camera. The funny thing was, I had just finished telling a punter how the union in Boston was more…