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MARY TAMM R.I.P 22 March 1950 - 26 July 2012

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I report the passing of Mary Tamm. She lost her battle with cancer and has died in her South London home at the age of 62. She was best known to this uber geek for her role in Doctor Who as Romana, a companion of the Doctor and Princess Strella from 1978 to 1979. She also appeared in such mainstays as Coronation Street, The Bill, an episode of Casualty and even my all time favourite EastEnders.

Agent Barry Langford, who confirmed the news today, said she had a "zest for life".
"She was a darling companion and wonderfully witty and kind," said Tom Baker, who played the fourth Doctor alongside Tamm. "I'm so sorry to hear of her death."

SWORN TO OATH to tour UK in September

One of my happy finds from last year, SWORN TO OATH are heading out on the road come September. Formed in 2009 they have been gaining a steady fallowing from some kick ass live shows and the Leave You For Dead EP. You can download a new track: Stand Alone from their website:


8th - Green Rooms - TREFOREST
13th - Edge of the Wedge - PORTSMOUTH*
14th - The Sugarmill - STOKE*
15th - The Vault- RUGBY
20th - Dove & Rainbow - SHEFFIELD
21st - Gasworks - BRADFORD
22nd - Stereo - YORK**
27th - TP's - BROMLEY
28th - The George - ANDOVER
29th - Melbourne Rock Club - CAMBRIDGE*


*S2O Only
**theFALLEN Only

Keep up to date with them here:

They've also decided to do something totally radical in terms of recording their debut album. Sworn II Oath are on Pledge Music where your donation makes the new album possible. Depending on the amount you donate, Sworn To Oath will beq…

To Hell You Ride by Lance Henricksen

July 16, SAN DIEGO, CA—Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce To Hell You Ride, written by horror movie mainstay Lance Henriksen (Millennium, Aliens, Near Dark)!

Teased during a thrilling “Drawing on Your Nightmares” panel at San Diego Comic-Con, this new horror six issue mini-series is written by Lance Henriksen and Joseph Maddrey (Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film), with art by Tom Mandrake. To Hell You Ride marks Lance Henriksen’s comics debut!

A deadly curse plagues the small town of Telluride, melting the flesh from its victims—it’s the violent revenge four warriors set in motion when their sacred burial grounds were disturbed for the sake of gold miners’ greed!

Henricksen spoke to Comic Book Resources and had this to say about his newest venture:
"I went to Telluride, Colorado, at one point, almost twenty years ago," Henriksen told CBR. "When I got there, it wasn't the ski resort it is now -- it had skiing, but not to…

WORMROT NOT breaking up: Just taking a break from touring.

Singaporean grindcore trio WORMROT have just wrapped up a mammoth six-week tour of Europe, which culminated in an unforgettable performance at Obscene Extreme festival in the Czech Republic.

Following the tour, the band have revealed that they will be taking a break from touring for a few years to attend to personal commitments.  Contrary to rumours however, WORMROT are not disbanding and will return with a new album in 2013 or 2014, with plans to tour again in 2015.

WORMROT vocalist ARIF ROF has issued the following statement:

"In regards to our post about taking a break on Facebook, some people misunderstood that we have broken up right after the recent tour.  But that is definitely false information.  We are taking a break from TOURING as we have other personal commitments to attend this time around.  It's definitely not because of what happened to us during the tour (ripped off, abandoned etc.).  That was part and parcel of touring.  No big deal and it's probably a dead …

Southern Train Gypsy

Texas rockers Southern Train Gypsy are keeping mondo busy. August 3rd they've got a show at LaGrange in Dallas. They have a FREE SHOW on August 4th at the Crowbar Saloon in Ft. Worth. Southern Train Gypsy are also part of this years Rock-A-Tron Festival on September 29th. In between all the bitchin live dates, they are writing new material to follow up Hallelujah in the Fire which you can find here:
For all your Southern Train Gypsy needs, check out their new online store:

Ensiferum: Video and Tour Dates

SQUEEEEEEEEE It is with much delight I can report on some new stuff from

They are currently working on a video from the upcoming album Unsung Heroes. The album drops August 24th.  Here's what hey have to say about that:
Hi Folks!
Here is a short making of clip of our “In My Sword I Trust” music video shooting session with Grupa13 in Poland. The shoot took place in a really nice medieval castle and it went really well, even though it rained a lot. It was great to work with such a professional team and we were lucky to get such great actors to help us out. Thank you once again!

The video tells about how ordinary town people rise up and rebel against a greedy and cruel king and the upper class. There will be swords, corpses and drinking; pretty much all you need for a great video! We are looking forward to presenting this new Ensiferum anthem to our fans around the world with the best music video we have ever made. Folk on!

You can pre-order UNSUNG HEROES from the Ensiferum shop: http:…

Diamond Plate to play Hometown CHICAGO show JULY 27th

Earache is known for signing some very kick ass bands and Diamond Plate are no exception. 2011 saw the release of Generation Why? which in my opinion was the best new album of that year. They've toured incessantly across the USA and UK since then. July brings them back to Chicago to play a hometown show. Reggie's Rockclub on State Street is hosting Diamond Plate with Morbid Saint and three other bands. Ticket prices are a respectable 10$ in advance 12$ at the door. Really 12$ to see Diamond Plate! That's a steal! Make it a date July 27th, Reggie's Rockclub, Chicago! DIAMOND PLATE!!
Get your tickets now!!

Steve Harris of Iron Maiden to release solo album: British Lions

According to the Iron Maiden website, Steve Harris is to release a solo album in September. I guess he didn't want to be outdone by his guitar player, Adrian Smith and his Primal Rock Rebellion release Awoken Broken.

'Arry's solo album is releasing thru EMI Music and is called British Lion. The songs have been floating around and coalescing and just coming together for the past few years in between Maiden albums and tours.

The official Iron Maiden websites says it's a decidedly heavy rock-vibe this roaring debut paints with a full palette of sounds; brooding, melancholic, righteously indignant and exuberantly heavy. With Kevin Shirley at the mixing helm – whose credits include Iron Maiden as well as Led Zeppelin, Journey and Rush among many others – this is an album to sink your teeth into.From the growling riffage of opening salvo This Is My God to the heavy forlorn balladry of follow-up Lost Worlds which showcases Richard Taylor’s soaring vocals, it’s clear that ‘…

Calisus - Skeleton Key

Now here is something I stumbled upon. It was a happy find. Maryland band Calisus have released a new EP entitled Skeleton Key. The cool thing about this band, you can down load the album for free. That's right... FREE. The adage "you get what you pay for" does NOT apply here. Skeleton Key, the first single is hooky and catchy and has you singing along before the end of the song. It's one of those disks you put in to play and you end up playing it over and over and over again. You just don't get tired of listening to the album. Give these guys a listen and if you like what you hear, and I believe you will, share it.


According to Earache News, Britain's most awesomest metal record label Earache Records has acquired US label Heavy Artillery Records.

Currently celebrating 25 years as a record company powerhouse,  Earache Records has been the home to some of the biggest names in metal, and continues to push forwards with some of the best new and up-and-coming talents.

Heavy Artillery was founded in New York and has consistently stood for quality thrash and heavy metal, with releases from the likes of MERCILESS DEATH, ENFORCER, EXMORTUS, VEKTOR, SPELLCASTER and more.

Earache Records Label Manager Dan Tobin comments:

"Heavy Artillery's policy of signing and supporting fresh new talent was something I personally bought into very early on - raw, energetic, passionate early releases like Merciless Death, Enforcer and Exmortus really stood out as genuinely exciting new bands pursuing their visions of what heavy metal should be, not just jumping on a bandwagon and hoping for a quick route to …

DREDD: Judegment is Coming 3D Clip

Never mind that I am massively in love with Karl Urban. I have been ever since his portrayal of Ceasar in Xena. Don't laugh off Xena. Watch the episodes in which Urban plays Ceasar and he will quickly become your favourite characterization of the famed leader. He oozed a sexy corruptness that just dripped wicked from the get go. I've done my best to watch every movie he's been in since.  From the very popular and high profile Lord of the Rings Trilogy to the cheesy Ghost Ship "horror" movie to The Bourne Supremacy to Pathfinder (yes, I own this movie and watch it often) to his spot on Dr. Leonard McCoy in Star Trek to RED (where he had "pretty hair") to The Chronicles of Riddick (the latest installment is in post production to be released some time in 2013). ***lesigh***

So yeah, bring on September 7 (if in the UK) and September 21 (USA) for the DREDD reboot? retool? Dredd 2 Electric Boogaloo! The point of redoing yet another iconic movie? The first Dre…

Earache Records Celebrating 25 years with "Download Festival" sale on iTunes

Earache Records is celebrating 25 years of bringing extreme music to the masses with a month-long "Download Festival" sale on iTunes - no mud, just cheap albums!

The sale features a killer line-up of new and classic bands, including the likes of RIVAL SONS, EVILE, BONDED BY BLOOD, RIVAL SONS, and more.

The sale is running now until August 7th, with all albums on offer for just £3.99 GBP / 4,49 EUR / $4.99 USD.  View the sale on iTunes and grab yourself a bargain at

Avoid the rain and hole yourself up inside with these stomping albums:

Rival Sons - Pressure & Time
Evile - Five Serpent's Teeth
Carcass - Heartwork
Entombed - Wolverine Blues
Decapitated - Winds Of Creation
Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation
Morbid Angel - Domination
Cult Of Luna - Somewhere Along The Highway
The Haunted - One Kill Wonder
White Wizzard - Flying Tigers
Bonded By Blood - Feed The Beast
Deicide - Scars Of The Crucifix
Cathedral - The Carnival Bizarre
Wormrot - Abuse
Napalm Death - …

Hellboy In Hell #1

Coming December 5, 2012 from Dark Horse Comics and yes, Mike Mignola! How sweet! It's been years since Mignola did more than just a cover, and December marks his return to full artwork for the mini: Hellboy in Hell. Not much more has been revealed other than this sweet image. Last year, Mignola had this to say to i09: It's a personal story about him, but with huge ramifications for the structure of Hell. I'm trying to get Hellboy free of the giant, 'Beast-of-the-Apocalypse' storyline. That story has to get bigger before it can be put away," he explained. "This first arc is the culmination of all the prophecy crap I've been trotting out throughout the years. We put a lot of things to bed."
Watch this space for more news.

Red Vs Blue Released on Blue Ray

How freaking unbelievable! Red vs Blue! If you've not seen it, you've missed out. It's classic. It's epic. It's a laugh riot! And it's been ten freaking years! Can you believe it?



            Based on the Blockbuster Xbox Video Game HALO®

Flatiron Film Company will release Season 10 and a complete 14-disc boxed set of the award-winning web series, RED VS. BLUE, for the first time on Blu-ray on November 6. Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy) joins the cast of RED VS. BLUE SEASON 10 as the voice of the artificial intelligence program, “Sigma.”

Project Freelancer casts a mighty long shadow. In nine seasons of RED VS. BLUE, the top-secret military operation has affected the lives of the Blood Gulch crew in more ways than they even know. Now i…

Job For A Cowboy Bassist to Sit Out Part of Summer Slaughter Trek

JOB FOR A COWBOY are currently readying for their month-long Summer Slaughter trek, set to commence next week in Los Angeles. Bassist Nick Schendzielos will be forced to sit out part of the run due to a family emergency. The band will be joined temporarily by The Red Chord guitarist Mike "Gunface" McKenzie.

Comments Schendzielos: "Hey friends: On June 28, immediately after landing in Boston to rehearse for Puerto Rico/Summer Slaughter, my girlfriend was in a head-on collision on her scooter. She sustained very serious head and bodily injuries. I flew right home, and we've been in the ICU for a week and are still in the hospital to make sure everything is okay. She needs 24/7 supervision for at least two weeks once we get out of here, so I'm very grateful to announce that Gunface from The Red Chord is going to help me out filling in on Summer Slaughter until I can meet back up with it. We love the dude very much and it's going to be really cool for both JFAC a…

Diamond Plate to play Hometown show July 27

If you are in Chicago or can get to Chicago on Friday July 27th, this is what you should spend your Friday night doing. A DIAMOND PLATE show! Squeeeee Diamond Plate headline at Reggies Rockclub on State Street. Diamond Plate sport Jon Macak on vocals and bass - he's the dude with the way pretty hair! Konrad Kupiec on guitar - he's the one that's better than a zombie.  Commando Mario Cianci - hey, he likes to be comfortable. And drummer Jim Nicademus - he's the one that just had a birthday this month. Together they compromise one of the best frakking bands on the scene today. Their 2011 release Generation Why? was the best album of that year. Live, they kill it! Each and every time. If for some reason you don't already have Generation Why? Run over to Earache Records and pick it up. Do it now!

Fear Factory Cancel Appearance at Shockwave Tour

Due to reasons well beyond the band’s control, FEAR FACTORY will not be taking part in this Summer’s Shockwave Tour, slated to commence July 6 in Seattle.

Commented the band in a collective statement: “We are truly disappointed not to be part of the Shockwave tour. We send our sincerest apologies to all our North American fans planning to come out this Summer, but we will be back. Please look for FEAR FACTORY headlining dates in August.”

FEAR FACTORY recently unleashed their latest full-length, The Industrialist, Stateside on June 5 via Candlelight Records. The Industrialist is the second album written by vocalist Burton C. Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares since reuniting in 2009 after a seven-year split.

I caught up with Dino Cazares at their show in Philadelphia earlier this year. This is what he had to say about life, the universe, and well... everything: Skynet is Coming - so says Dino

10 Reasons Why You Are Better Than a Zombie

You can buy this hilarious new magazine by TheKaliDiaries right here: 10 Reasons You Are Better Than a Zombie   You've seen excerpts in interviews with Ben Carter from Evile, Jon and Thomas from Volbeat and the 68Zombie winners. Now read the full magazine chock full of reasons why certain homo sapien sapiens are better than their mostly dead or dying brethren. It's a laugh out loud read. Get yours today!

            10 Reasons You Are Better Than a Zombie            By Victoria Anderson                    in Gyrlz on Tour           24 pages, published 7/6/2012                 2012 is the end of the world, so sayeth those who misread and misunderstand the Mayan calander. But what fun if the Zombie Apocalypse was really upon us! I asked several noted rock stars to tell me why they and their bands are better than Zombies. The answers will surprise and delight you. 10 Reasons Why You Are Better Than a Zombie features the members of Goatwhore, Hate Squad, Countless Thousands, Volb…

Friday Night Dance Party July 2012

Hello my little droogies! It's Friday again, the first Friday that is. And you know what that means? It means it's our sixth Friday Night Dance Party of the year. So much good music has been released this year it's hard to narrow down just a handful of songs for your aural enjoyment. But I've done just that. Far from being a stock "best of 2012" video dance party; I bring you the most gobsmacking electric boogaloo dance fever "Make the Evil DJ in Your Brain Very Happy" TM  music. So what indeed are you doing on your butt? You should very much be dancing!

Orange Goblin have been on the music scene for a very long time. If you haven't felt some Goblin love, their release A Eulogy For the Damned is a good place to start feeling it. The album will blow you away every time you hear it! Ben Ward is just a super sexy singer and an all around great guy!
Orange Goblin - Acid Trial

Adrian Smith and I have this almost but not quite totally unlike artificia…

Top 13 Songs of 2012

Time flies when you are having fun. So much good music has been released it's burning thru my iPod. After six months, this is what has kept my interest and the interest of those sitting next to me on the bus. Hey, when the music is this good, you've got to play it loud!

1. Primal Rock Rebellion - Tortured Tone 2. Primal Rock Rebellion - Search For Bliss 3. Rival Sons - Face of Light 4. Volbeat - Fallen 5. Trivium - Built to Fall 6. The Browning - Bloodlust 7. Bonded By Blood - Crawling in the Shadows 8. Sworn to Oath - False Promises 9. Mars Volta - Televators 10. Bear McCreary - All Along The Watchtower 11. Selena Gomez and the Scene - I Love You Like A Love Song 12. Relicseed - Trigonometry 13. Orange Goblin - Death of Aquarius

Moonspell - Aura Noir Pure Wickedness

I've always been a Moonspell fan. I was introduced to them in 1999, some seven years after they began, with the album The Butterfly Effect. They have a brand of dark angst that speaks to my soul. Their newest release, Alpha Noir, is molten. They retain the darkness and intensity but add an element of "metal" to their already impressive arsenal. This album has the feel of Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim kicked up a few notches.

Axis Mundi opens the album and is just gobsmackingly awesome. Everything about this song is perfect from Ricardo Amorim and Pedro Paixao's guitar playing to Aires Pereira on bass and Miguel Gaspar on drums. They are all in perfect harmony. As usual, Fernando Ribeiro on vocals makes your heart alternately ache and bleed. Lickanthrope is a speed metal frenzy; darn near thrash song. Another amazing composition is Versus. It has the pacing of some of Henry Rollins' later band work, a groove that you can't get out of your head. A…

Damnation Festival 2012

IRISH pagan metal masters PRIMORDIAL will return to UK soil for an exclusive appearance at Damnation Festival.

They will be joined at the three-stage metal behemoth in Leeds by the much anticipated return of BOSSK and Dutch tech purveyors TEXTURES.

The latest additions bolster a bill which already boasts Electric Wizard, My Dying Bride, Pig Destroyer, Aura Noir, Gama Bomb and 40 Watt Sun for the eighth annual event, taking place at Leeds University Union on Saturday, November 3, 2012.

Commenting on their return to England, Primordial vocalist Alan Averill said: "Finally we are confirmed for Damnation Festival this year.
"After several years in the wilderness and not playing in the UK it really feels over the last few years we have reconnected with playing in the UK.
"This is the place we cut our teeth after all, way back in the mists of time. It feels like payback. See you all at Damnation!"

Textures' Jochem Jacobs added: "We are really excited to play at Damnat…

Another Reason to Love EARACHE RECORDS in July

Earache Records is celebrating 25 years of extreme music by offering 25 brain-crushing metal albums at unbeatable prices for the first 25 days in July.

All items in the sale will be discounted on the official Earache Webstore, as well as iTunes, and all will be less than £5 GBP/$7 USD.  The albums will each be discounted for one day only however, so don't forget to check back daily for more killer classics!

The incredible albums on offer are:

July 01: Napalm Death - Scum
July 02: Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
July 03: Entombed - Left Hand Path
July 04: Carcass - Heartwork
July 05: At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
July 06: Decapitated - Nihility
July 07: Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying
July 08: Deicide - The Stench of Redemption
July 09: Evile - Enter the Grave
July 10: Terrorizer - World Downfall
July 11: Godflesh - Streetcleaner
July 12: Hate Eternal - I, Monarch
July 13: White Wizzard - Over the Top
July 14: Cauldron - Burning Fortune
July 15: Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Dema…

Candlemass - "Psalms For The Dead" Get Ready to be Biotch Slapped by Awesome Guitars

If you've got evil in your mind; it will not be purged with this album. Candlemass's Psalms For The Dead will only enhance your evil, set it aflame. Like your metal with loud guitars, hard driving drum beats, and plenty of opportunities for headbanging? Then Candlemass's Psalms For The Dead is for you. It's wickedly heavy.

Prophet is very heavy metal. It has great guitar work by Mats Bjorkman and Lars Johansson. There are Eruo prog metal overtones via Per Wiberg on keyboards. Prophet is richly layered and full of bitchin' guitar solos and interludes. Jan Lindh on drums pounds your sense to oblivion. The song end with 74 seconds of pure sludgy dirge-like evilness.

The Sound of Dying Demons just oozes atmosphere. Robert Lowe's voice whispers of evil doings. The song is slow, painfully heavily slow. You ache and labour to get thru it. Candlemass has put the heavy back into heavy metal! At 3:01 you get biotch slapped by the guitar solo. The sped up pace doesn't …

FREE Bonded By Blood show AND new album - THE AFTERMATH

BONDED BY BLOOD will celebrate the release of their brand new studio album next week with a free show in Fullerton, California.
THE AFTERMATH will be released on July 2nd in Europe and July 3rd in North America. To celebrate, BONDED BY BLOOD are inviting fans to join them for a completely free show on Monday, July 2nd at the Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen.  Joining BONDED BY BLOOD are EXMORTUS, ENROT and MONOLITH.

For more information about the free show, join the official Facebook event page at
I've had the album for some time having done the review for TINAS: The Aftermath review and had the pleasure of interviewing drummer Carlos Regalado: Carlos Regalado talks.  Needless to say, I'm now a Bonded By Blood junkie. The Aftermath is the most intense album ever and I know come July 2nd and 3rd, you'll feel the love too.

Do yourself a favour and pre-order THE AFTERMATH now on CD in North America at or in Europ…

Orange Goblin's Acid Trial Video

Ok, so you know my intimate love for all things Orange Goblin! I wrote about it earlier in the year here: Why I Love Orange Goblin   I think Ben Ward has a dead sexy voice and he's a nice guy to boot. Orange Goblin's Eulogy For the Damned is on constant rotation on the ol' iPod and is definitely the Top 3 Albums for this year. They've released a video for Acid Trial which is from their seventh album Eulogy For the Damned. If you haven't picked up a copy, you're just weird. It's a killer album full of blistering riffage,  oozing with sexy swagger, and pure wickedness! Check out the video!


Evile have announced a one-off London show on July 3rd to celebrate the recent release of the 'In Memoriam' single. Joining Evile at the Old Blue Last, Shoreditch will be label mates Savage Messiah. 'In Memoriam' - taken from Evile’s latest album, 'Five Serpent's Teeth' - premiered on VEVO earlier this month, and is also available on iTunes including an acoustic version of the track, a radio edit, and the official music video. The show on July 3rd will be free entry, with donations being taken for the British Lung Foundation.

Guitarist Ol Drake comments:
"With the release of the "In Memoriam" video & single, we're pleased to announce a FREE show for you all at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London to celebrate it's release. It's no secret why the song exists, and who it's for, so as well as the show being free entry we'll also be taking optional donations on the door for the British Lung Foundation in memory of Mike …

EVILE moved to Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock 2012

EVILE have been moved to the main stage for this year's Bloodstock Open Air festival, which takes place from 9th to 12th August in Walton-On-Trent, UK. They played the main stage in 2010 but this year were set to play on the Sophie Lancaster stage on Sunday, 12th August, but have now returned to their rightful place at to the Ronnie James Dio (main) stage, where they will play alongside the likes of DIMMU BORGIR, ANVIL, ALICE COOPER, NILE and more.

EVILE lead guitarist OL DRAKE comments:
"We're pleased to announce we'll be appearing on the Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock on Sunday - Bloodstock has always been like a home to us and we can't wait to return and hit you with a few surprises in the set!"

For tickets and more information about Bloodstock, head to

EVILE have also announced a free charity show at the Old Blue Last in London on July 3rd, with donations being taken for the British Lung Foundation. 

Jul. 03 - Londo…