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Costa Rica Day 10 - no really!

I think I packed and ran to the storage place four or five times. I did NOT want to take more stuff than I needed. I did NOT want to over pack. Keep It Simple. Keep it Safe. I still left the bulk of my allergy medicine, shampoo, and notebook somewhere in Jersey. PFT.... I'll get it right. I just need to move in a suitcase a few more times.

So after enjoying myself in Jersey for a week. Attempting to sleep in a bed and not disturb Casey and Goldy (I nearly fell off the bed). Get caught up on True Blood (still missing the last 3 episodes as they were not on HBO onDemand) Visit everyone (crazy car problems, rain, and general laziness prevented me from getting to North Jersey and South Philly). I DID however eat pizza! Eat red velvet cupcakes and home made fudge. Eat home made Thai food! Play copious amounts of Metallica Guitar Hero! And drink mad quantities of Dr. Pepper (I'm so missing that now! ) I headed off to Costa Rica.

Why San Jose, Costa Rica?


LOL That simple. I had a…

Costa Rica Day 10

My mate T totally called me out on her vlog. LOL Other than the video of the flat, I hadn't blogged about life in Costa Rica. She wanted to know what it was like living here. I must admit. I've been busy and lazy. A strange mix.

I made my escape from the UAE on January 13th. I was supposed to leave on the 12th, but a mechanical problem with the plane delayed take off for 24 hours. I headed strait to London. I had to get my head together. I had to get hugs. I had to get a meal! LOL My mum Ms. Tsang cooked for me. But that was my second meal of the day. As the plane taxied to Heathrow terminal 5 I got giddly. Happy even. I was "home". Finally on familiar soil. Familiar people. No disrespect to my neighbours in the Easter Flats or my mate K from NYC - but there is something about having your mates in your home town or the real world that makes it a bit different. There is no desperately trying to make home in hell. Nothing to cling to out of necessity. I feel for BandV…