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RIVAL SONS have revealed that they will once again be offering a limited edition vinyl release for this year's Record Store Day in the UK and Europe, which takes place on Saturday, April 20th.

Founded in 2007 and officially kicked off in 2008 by METALLICA, Record Store Day takes place on the third Saturday of every April and brings together artists and independently-owned record stores around the world to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD released and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and sold in independent stores.

To celebrate Record Store Day UK 2013, Earache Records and RIVAL SONS will be releasing an exclusive 10" vinyl picture disc, strictly limited to 1000 copies. The picture disc will feature the following tracks:

01. Manifest Destiny Pt. 1 (Live in Gothenburg)

01. Manifest Destiny Pt. 2 (Acoustic Version)
02. Nava (Full Length Version)

RIVAL SONS guitarist SCOTT HOLIDAY comments:

"As we've talked abou…

Kolony Records to release Be'Lakor's Of Breath and Bone to North American Audience

Italian label Kolony Records inked a brand new distribution deal for all of North America through DisManic via eOne Distribution. Kolony's aim is to expanded and reach more European fans and stores since it's 2008 formation. With the new distribution deal, they are able to furnish us some good music via Australian band Be'lakor. Of Breath and Bone is the band's third album and Kolony Records hopes this will bring them a wider audience. Of Breath and Bone was released in Europe last year to critical acclaim and Kolony hopes the June 2013 North American release will bring the same. The opening track, "Abeyance", boasts some good guitar harmonies by George Kosmas and Shaun Sykes over some solid drumming. George Kosmas's vocals remind me of 80s Fields of the Nephilim / Sisters of Mercy type thing. The modern sound and the waver vocals are a great mix. "Abeyance" is a wonderful mixture of vintage and modern metal.

Wringer 13: Joel Graham from EVILE

Since March is my birthday month, I decided that this month's Wringer 13 will be with my good buddy - and he of the loverly hair - one Mr. Joel Graham. Most will know him simply as EVILE's resident bass shredder. Joel joined the band in December of 2009 and his first live show with EVILE was in January 2010. Five Serpent's Teeth is the first EVILE album to feature Joel on bass.  You can get your EVILE fix at and  EVILE on Facebook.

Who are you, really, and what do you do?
I'm really Joel Graham when I'm not anyone else and I play bass in EVILE. I also drive everywhere and am the band's music library as I have the most stuff on my iPod.

What's the best thing about being in your band?
Everything, like the lot! Touring, writing, recording, planning stuff, I like it all. 

How has being a touring musician changed you?
  I like to think it hasn't. Yes, when out touring it's all band stuff that takes place, 100%. But when I'm home it's back…

Squee Worthy! Savage Messiah confirmed for Hammerfest

Happiness upon Happiness of days! Savage Messiah are confirmed to headline Hammerfest V on March 14th! Squeeeeeee Savage Messiah will make your ears bleed and your head bang on the VIP night from 2115 to 2220. Truly another great reason to head to Hammerfest!!!!

Friday Night Dance Party - March Style