Bloodstock Day 3

Day three was a nice light work load for me. After two days of hectic shooting and interviewing I was looking forward to just enjoying the festival. I only had two things on tap to do today: Doro and The Prophecy. Sunday morning saw me wandering between the main stage and the unsigned stage. Both had respectable crowds. My choices were a female fronted, plodding, cookie monster growling, stock metal band and a pubescent Iron Maiden inspired just above garage band. I was equally bored with both sets. Luckily the respective fans of both bands were fist pumping and throwing devil horns. BLOODSTOCK indeed has something for everyone!

For those whose only dealings with Bloodstock are thru my blog or someone else's blog or reading about it in a magazine, Bloodstock takes place in Derbyshire. It's in the ass middle of nowhere England. You need a car to get there. There is nothing around for miles except grass and trees and more grass. No lie, the car park is next to a rather large flock of sheep. Your options if attending all three days are to camp or drive an hour or so into a neighbouring town and stay at a hotel. I don't recommend camping as you'll have typical English August weather. Day one was good. Day two was wet, rainy, windy. A right muddy mess. Day three was hot and humid. It was just best to have one set of waterproof clothing, layers for the top, and good sturdy hikers (or wellies). Even though I had a hotel with a comfy bed and shower; it felt loverly to get back to Essex to MY house, MY bed, and MY shower. LOL

Good thing about Bloodstock, it was all about the comfort level of the attendees. Camping areas, trash bins, port-o-johns that flushed and had toilet paper and running water for hand washing. I even saw a shower station! As I walked around Sunday I swear I hadn't seen so many lawn chairs since the last jazz festival I went to. Kinda groovy - metal peeps just sitting bout eating or drinking and being laid back and .... comfy! Bloodstock brought out all types of people. I saw kids running around as young as 6 or 7. They enjoyed the music along side of 50 something year olds. The vibe was cozy. Just relax, sit back, and listen to some metal!

The crowd was an eclectic bunch ranging from guys in short skirts and bikini tops to guys in bustiers and hair extensions to bare chested all natural guys having a lie down in between bands. Bloodstock is a place where self expression in all it's forms are on display and celebrated. Everyone is friendly, ready and willing with a smile, hugs, and good conversation. From the fans to the security staff to the bands - it was a stress free, relaxed atmosphere.

They had a tent where several bands signed autographs for fans. It was a great one on one with your favourite artist. The queues were long but everyone was good natured about having to wait. Sometimes the schedule got backed up, but the guys and gals in the bands made each fan feel special. Some even posed for pictures.

Over the three days and three stages over 70 bands plied their trade. Yup 70!! NO you don't have to see them all. The scheduled start time was such that you could pick and choose and wander about. They had the 4 DJ's of the Apocalypse spinning tunes, metal karaoke, and movie screenings. I caught a screening of SUCK with a hilariously wigged Henry Rollins, a laid back Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper with wings and music that just... well.... SUCKED! LOL It was funny with numerous references to cult classic movies gone by. I moseyed over to a stage that had what sounded like ... heavy metal polka.... Another stage had young hungry up-and-coming musicians. The main stage had acts as diverse as the languages spoken on the A-train in NYC at rush hour! It had every thing from blood spurting costume wearing large rubber penis adorned musicians to bare chested guys in kilts to goth death black metal type music to guys with soft pretty hair who shredded to guys from freakin' New Jersey!!!! How ace is that?! To cover a festival in Derbyshire, UK and meet up with someone two exits from where I used to live in America? At one point, the press tent "sang" with the sacred timbre of the New Jersey accent and language! Jersey peeps had taken over and dominated! You have been warned - we are every where! And we are coming to YOUR town!

I saw some great bands, some not so great bands, bands that flat out sucked, new to me bands that I'm now a huge "fan" of, and I've happily rediscovered bands that had fallen off my radar. The work was exciting and exhausting. I'm very proud of the work I produced. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Rock on!
Princess Vic
a.k.a Victoria of Kerridwen2000


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