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Rahm Emanuel ROCKS!!!

This dude is the shiznet!! No lie! I just read a blurb on yahoo that he had to issue an apology cuz he said something snarky. R U Kidding ME???!!! He said about liberal special interest groups who plan on running ads against Democrats who don't support healthcare reform as .... "f*^%ng retarded"....

I giggled til I pissed my pants. You go Rahm!!!! It IS fucking retarded!!!! What's even MORE retarded is that a bunch of people got their panties in a twist and became offended. Can you hear the utter distaste that is oozing from my mouth? Really? It seems that people are too thin skinned. Everything offends. So when something or someone offends - whinge. Whinge LOUDLY!!!! Force the person that offended you to offer a completely heartless apology that means nothing. Just so you can go riding off on your high horse pretty good about yourself.




The United States has become a fetid cesspit of whiney self absorbed…