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Bonded By Blood Cancels End of Tour

Blerg and double Blerg!!! Welcome to 2012: home of broke down vans and shoddy workmanship. It truly doth suck when a band as great as Bonded By Blood gets side lined due to vehicle malfunctions, but that's just what happened this month. Bonded By Blood had to cancel the last few dates with Death Angel and a few So. Cal. shows due to issues with their van... multiple issues. It's a head ache when any working person can't get to work due to car issues. It's worse when you have hundreds upon hundreds of adoring fans counting on you making it to the venue, gearing up, and making their ears bleed.

On 10-17-12 our rear axel blew causing us to miss the last 3 dates of Death Angel's Ultra Violence tour. In the beginning of this tour we had to get the radiator replaced twice (due to bad mechanics) and as a result with all the van's damages we can longer afford to get a new van like we had hoped for future tours. We lost a lot of money..

We are now reaching out to our fan…

Katie Calautti talks to Bruce Campbell about Evil Dead Movie

A mondo shout out and huge bevy of thanx to Katie Calautti  and Spin Off Online for this bitchin' interview with legendary Bruce Campbell. Kati caught up with Bruce at the NYC Comicon at the Javits Center and they discuss the brew-haha over the upcoming Evil Dead Movie. Check out Kati Calautti and more at Spin Off Online.

Bruce Campbell is a man who requires no introduction, but – in case you’ve been living under a rock (or trapped in the basement of a cursed cabin) for the past 30 years – he’s the chainsaw-wielding star of the Sam Raimi-directed Evil Dead movies. The trilogy is a cult classic, beloved by its vehemently protective fan base, which is why the announcement of a remake (produced by Campbell, Raimi and another original producer, Rob Tapert) garnered cries of outrage.
Shortly before revealing a first look at the Evil Dead remake at New York Comic Con, Campbell sat down with a group of reporters to discuss the film. He didn’t shy from addressing fan skepticism, …

October Friday Night Dance Party

Squeeeee Fall is here! Time for the leaves to turn purdy colours! Time for the jumpers to come out! Time for heavy weight denim jeans and flannel shirts! Today is another wonderous First Friday and I'm bringing you the bestest and heaviest in all things metal! Tonight features a Lucky 7 streak of hip swaying, groovilicious, heavy man, just heavy lovin for your ears. So sit back, relax, and let the music do the talkin!

Beastwars - Empire

You can pick up this totally awesome album on Beastwars on Bandcamp. This band is from New Zealand and they totally bring the house down!

The Sword - Apocryphon

October 22 marks the release of the newest Sword album Apocryphon. It kicks mondo ass!! This is the first video release from the album. It's super sweet! Pre-order it at:

Orange Goblin - Red Tide Rising

Happiness on the Goblin train as Orange Goblin have announced a very comprehensive tour schedule to round out 2012. Orange Goblin released A Eulogy For The Damned