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Queen Diamond with Misstallica at the Troc in Philly

QUEEN DIAMOND and MISSTALLICA @ The Trocadero w/ Brendon Small (Metalocalypse/Dethklok)When: Sunday, Apr 05, 2009 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM EDT
QUEEN DIAMOND, MISSTALLICA and Tragedy opening up for the School of Rock All-Stars w/ special guest Brendon Small (writer/creator of Metalocalypse, Dethklok, Home Movies). Kaleen & Gigi (of Queen Diamond/Misstallica) will also be performing w/ the All-Stars and Brendon. The All-Stars will be performing the music of DETHKLOK, as well as some of the "rock" gems from the series, some King Diamond, Metallica & Queen!