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Rapheumets Well - The Exile (album review)

Rapheumets Well 
The Exile
Test Your Metal Records
Release: 18 March 2016

I'm happily reviewing Rapheumets Well's new offering The Exile. It's unexpected as it's so much more than a straight black metal screamo album. It's like the musicians did a seance and pulled in Paganini, Wagner, the spirit of Voivod, and Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. The Exile is multi-layered with new and exciting compositions every minute. The cacophony can be a bit disconcerting at first, but take a deep breath and let the music flow over you. The complexity of the compositions adds a flavour and depth that many albums are missing. Everything about The Exile is atmospheric which creates a block buster feeling while you are listening. The Exile is engaging on a visceral level. Clean vocals, choir, and Cookie Monster growly vocals mix effortless together. Tripp King, Joshua Nassaru Ward, and Annette Greene work well together. Aaron Rogers on organ gives The Exile an eerie feel while his piano pass…

Old METALLICA Meet and Greet Story I Wrote

Garage Remains the Same, November 1998, New York City, Virgin Record Store
Madly in Anger with You, December 14, 2003, Mannheim Germany

The first time I met Metallica was in 1998. This was back when Times Square in New York City was cool. They had a giant Virgin Record store right in the square. I queued for hours. I mean, like hours! Then, have someone hold your spot so you can run to the Howard Johnson's and pee, queue for hours. Metallica were doing a small tour called Garage Remains the Same.

To say I was nervous was an understatement. I had been a Metallica fan since 1986, high school. The moment K. Culpitt sang the lyrics to Disposable Heroes to my face whilst hanging out in the practice rooms (we were both band geeks), I've been enthralled. So to meet them was quite a moment for me. I remember meeting Kirk first. He was dressed head to toe in black leather. And I mean head to toe. He even had on dark black sunglasses and black leather gloves. I got the feeling he didn&#…

Death Lullaby - WORMZ (Full Album Stream)

Death Lullaby
Famined Records
Release Date: April 15, 2016

1 - They Dig / They Devour (1:06) [Lyric Video]
2 - We Won't Live Forever (2:50)
3 - Renegade (2:53) [Music Video]
4 - Strife (3:18)
5 - Conquer All (3:43)
6 - Anachrony (3:01)
7 - Wormz (3:29) [Music Video]
8 - Dethrone The Grower (2:53)
9 - Cycles (4:56)
10 - Devolution (3:25) [Playthrough Video]
11 - Rainmaker (6:43)
Album Length: 38:21

For more info, please visit:

Funk Metal? Mathematical Metal? Either way it's a head banging grinding type of album. Death Lullaby's debut album has lots of forward momentum. It's always interesting and engaging. Julien Bournival and Yoan Marier-Proulx on guitar are a highlight on Wormz. Their playing is technical without being pretentious. Coupled with the drumming of Kevy Metal and the bass playing of Francis Bilodeau, the musical romp is strong and tight. Simon Crow lays some heavy vocals. The combination of these talented muscians is worth the l…

Bands on Tour

5/21/2016 Fort Worth Metal Fest - Fort Worth, TX
5/22/2016 Korova - San Antonio, TX
5/23/2016 Walters - Houston, TX
5/24/2016 Dirty Dog Bar - Austin, TX
5/25/2016 Thunder Alley - Oklahoma City, OK
5/26/2016 Fubar - St. Louis, MO
5/27/2016 Bada Brew - Crest Hill, IL
5/28/2016 Bled Fest - Howell, MI
5/29/2016 Diamond Pub Concert Hall - Louisville, KY
5/30/2016 The Earl - Atlanta, GA
5/31/2016 The Handlebar - Pensacola, FL
6/01/2016 Siberia - New Orleans, LA

ABNORMALITY w/ Soulfly, Battlecross, Suffocation, Lody Kong:
4/22/2016 Korova - San Antonio, TX
4/23/2016 El Rey - McAllen, TX
4/24/2016 Gas Monkey - Dallas, TX *no Suffocation
4/25/2016 Southport Hall - New Orleans, LA
4/26/2016 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
4/27/2016 Rock Shop - Fayetteville, NC
4/28/2016 Soundstage - Baltimore, MD
4/29/2016 Revolution - Long Island, NY
4/30/2016 Fete Ballroom - Providence, RI
5/01/2016 Mill City Ballroom - Lowell, MA
5/03/2016 Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, NY
5/04/2016 Bada Br…

Rabid Flesh Eater - Reign of Terror (album review)

Rabid Flesh Eater
Reign of Terror
Self Release
Release Date: April 15, 2016

I can't honestly say what drew me to Rabid Flesh Eater's Reign of Terror. Instinct possibly. A giant wolf like creature as the album cover. A huge trust in Earsplit PR for sending killer tunes. Either way, I spun the first track and my day got brighter. Puppies and kittens frolicked at my feet. The evil sunlight went away to be replaced with oh so fluffy grey clouds and a temperature a perfect 16 degrees Celsius.

The first track is circle pit happiness. 'Lycanthrope' is a fun romp to the way back machine. It sets the tone for what's to come. Rabid Flesh Eater delivers perfect by the book circle pit thrash metal. Reign of Terror is perfect for letting loose and partying. To say tracks like 'Industry Killers' and 'Psychotic Episode' are throw backs is a good thing. Rabid Flesh Eater takes what we all love about classic thrash and puts it on Reign of Terror. Not one foot is ste…