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EMPIRE - TV show review

I love music. That's a no brainer, as I have a blog on which I write about music profusely. Knowing this, a mate from Philadelphia urged me with extreme force to watch EMPIRE. He kept telling me it is a good show. He would pull up songs and play them for me and needle me to tell him what I thought of the song. If I didn't care for it, he'd play it again and again and again, each time asking me what I thought. After an exasperated Fer Fox Sake! I relented and watched. Then I binged! EMPIRE is phenominal!! ZOMG! It's darn good television!

OK, to be fair, it's NOT the type of music I like. As you can see, I like heavy metal. Ne', I LOVE heavy metal. My daily fare consists of Amon Amarth, Savage Messiah, Metallica, Moonspell - music like that. And EMPIRE does NOT have music like that. Empire is a special television show as the music is specific to the show. Timbaland, whom I know from doing a Duran Duran album, is in charge of the music of Empire. So the songs are…