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Bryan Carlstrom R.I.P.

I was very fortunate to meet Bryan Carlstrom last year when he worked on the upcoming Relicseed album. He was kind and gracious. He had a great ear. He made the band sound even better then they did before. He had a gift! This donation page is for his wife and daughter. They are asking for donations to help with their medical expenses. Both have Lyme Disease. This sucks! Bryan gave so much to so many. If you have even one album he engineered your life is all the more rich. I'm sure many of you metal heads have dozens! If you can spare a tenner that would be groovy! Every little bit makes a HUGE difference!

Princess Vic

Bryan Carlstrom was a passionate and giving engineer, producer and musician, who touched so many lives with his wisdom, humor, love of music and mastery of recording. Unfortunately, Bryan left us far too soon on Saturday, Jan. 26th, 2013. 
He was a loving father to his daughter, Rachel, and devoted husband to his beautiful wife Kathy, and a die-hard music love…

Dave Lombardo - Fired from Slayer??!!

In a move that I can only describe as shocking, Slayer have fired Dave Lombardo. Yes, I said fired; for that is what it comes down to. Dave posted on his facebook page on February 21, 2013 about the reasons why his band mates have decided to go on without him. I had to read it twice as their reasons were retarded. That's right. I said it. Retarded. This is 2013. Anyone with Google can find and make business plan. There are free courses on the subject. So why, any intelligent person would willfully allow an atrocious business plan where 90% of the income go to management is beyond me! And again, it being 2013, why a person is FIRED for asking for an independent audit of income, detailed expense reports, and a contract that was fair and balanced.... it makes me bristle!! Shame on you Slayer for continuing to work under a draconian contract. Shame on you for not "rocking the boat" and demanding an accounting of the money YOU worked so hard for. Shame on your for firing some…

Musing on Music - Mine Road

A transcontinental adventure through music is the best way to describe Mine Road. The band calls Dublin, Ireland home, but they are from such mind bending places as Dublin, Sydney Australia and Jersey City... As in New Jersey! Hell, any band of note is from Jersey! Mine Road is a nice and steady rock and roll band. One would even describe the sound as fresh and stripped down.  "The Door" has some sweet southern tinges to it. It doesn't distract from the truly heavy riffage courtesy of Stu Cash and Dave Flood. "The Door" reminds me of what was good about heavy metal and hard rock music back in the day. Ken Carthy has a strong voice that is easily understandable. No growly Cookie Monster vocals here. Just soulful and almost bluesy. "Nightmare" is another hook laden track. It's the perfect head to the local bar, drink some beer and shoot some pool song. It screams bell bottoms, bandanas, and bad ass motorcycles. "Too Late" kicks up that Sou…

System Annihilated - Furor (Discouraged Records)

System Annihilated
February 18, 2013
Discouraged Records

It's really hard to believe that System Annihilated's album Furor is a debut album. The band hails from Sweden. Nuff Said. This is an album you should buy. It's only a half an hour long, but it'll be the best half hour of your day! I recommend you play it twice.

Furor starts off big. "This Apocalypse" is strong and heavy. It's full of awesome guitars and bitchin' riffage. Christoffer Jonsson's vocals are in your face. He is fierce. If killer guitars are what you're hankerin' for, look no further. Petter Adsten and Kalle Kjellberg are gobsmackingly amazing. They play with the viv and verve of musicians twice their age.

The title track, "Furor"is tight. Joel WidengrenLlundstrom and Viktor Kroger are the rhythm section responsible for this wonderful feat of time keeping. Sure, all bands have a rhythm section, but it does take a certain skill to be this steady, regimented, …

Wringer 13: Reece Scruggs from HAVOK

Squeeeeeee Happy 13th of February!!! And welcome to the brand new column at the Kali Diaries. Wringer 13 brings you up close and personal with all the best musicians Planet Earth has to offer. Wringer 13 is a monthly column brought you every 13th of the month! It's in honour of the groovy number 13 - 2013, 13th day, 13 Bitchin Artists!!!

For our very first Wringer 13, the Kali Diaries is proud to introduce to you Reece Scruggs from the Colorado band HAVOK. Long time readers of the Kali Diaries remember that Havok's Point of NoReturn was part of our Friday Night Dance Party.  Let's get to know a wee bit more about Havok's lead guitarist. Don't forget, Havok will be on tour throughout March and April. You can get more info about Havok at their website!

Who are you, really, and what do you do?
Reece Alan Scruggs, a redneck kid from northern Virgina who plays guitar a lot.

What's the best thing about being in your band? 
The music

How has being a …

Star Trek - Into Darkness

I am a fan of the new Star Trek. I absolutely love what J.J. Abrams has done with the franchise. I've been watching Trek since I was old enough to toddle to the television and plop down in front of it. My mum and dad are Trekkies. My Grandpa was a Trekkie too. I come from a long line of Captain Kirk loving, boldly going where no one has gone before peeps. I was as giddy as a schoolgyrl when the Star Trek 2009 came out. True to form, a lot of my fellow Trekkies showed Mr. Abrams some love and embraced his new vision of the classic tales. The casting of Zachary Quinto as Spock was flawless. Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy a stroke of genius. Chris Pine, son of Robert Pine - CHiPs, captures the boldness and cockiness of James T. Kirk. The new installment, Into Darkness, comes out in May 2013. It features Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain. For those of you living under a rock, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock Holms in the Beeb's awesome retelling of Sherlock. Also added to the cast i…

New England & Hardcore Festival XV

NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL XV: More Bands Announced Enter To Win 2 VIP Passes To The Festival Including Hotel + Airfare Courtesy Of F.Y.E.
This week the promoters of the NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL are pleased to welcome two new additions to this year’s fest in the form of crossover legends D.R.I. and technical death metal battalion Job For A Cowboy!
This follows last week’s unveiling of Mission Quest to Metal Fest. Formed to aid a few of this year’s acts to and from NEMHFthis year, the fourth annual tour curated by MassConcerts unifies Expire, Alpha & Omega, Power Trip, Twitching Tongues and Antagonist A.D. on a ten-date assault leading up to their individual performances at the event. See confirmed dates below. Further audio annihilation will come from the third annual Metal Alliance Tour featuring Exodus, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail and Friday headliners Anthrax performing their iconic Among The Living full-length in its entirety. Addit…

Doro Kicks off North American Tour

February is indeed a goodly month! The Queen of Metal herself is on tour for the month of February and it's a cause for celebration. Doro's headlining tour is in support of last years totally bitchin' album Raise Your Fists in the Air. You want to see an amazing live show? Check out some of these dates!

Ticket links are available atDoro's Official Facebook Page. 

DORO North American Headlining Tour 2013:
2/01/2013 Brass Mug – Tampa, FL
2/02/2013 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
2/03/2013 Empire – West Springfield, VA
2/04/2013 B.B. Kings Blues Club – New York, NY
2/05/2013 Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
2/07/2013 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
2/08/2013 Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
2/09/2013 Ace Of Clubs – Columbus, OH
2/10/2013 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
2/12/2013 Token Lounge – Detroit, MI
2/13/2013 Mojoe’s – Joliet, IL
2/14/2013 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
2/15/2013 Spicoli’s Grill And The Reverb – Waterloo, IA
2/17/2013 Moe’s – Englewood, CO
2/19/2013 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
2/20/2013 H…

Dark Horse to Publish King Conan: The Hour of the Dragon

February 1, MILWAUKIE, OR – Dark Horse Comicsis thrilled to announce the return of a fan-favorite Conan creative team.  Writer Timothy Truman, artist Tomás Giorello, and colorist José Villarrubia are set to adapt Robert E. Howard’s only Conan novel in two six-issue miniseries. 
The first series, titled The Hour of the Dragon will run through October 2013 and continue in a second arc titled King Conan: The Conqueror starting in February 2014. 
More about The Hour of the Dragon:  King Conan has faced many threats to his throne in Aquilonia—but none more deadly than a traitorous alliance backed by the resurrected sorcerer Xaltotun, at whose command mountains crumble!
With The Legend of Conan announced for 2014, King Conan is essential reading!
King Conan: The Hour of the Dragon #1 is on sale in comic stores everywhere May 29!

February Friday Night Dance Party

Greetings and Salutations! Thanx ever so much for tuning in to another hip swaying, groove laden, beat thumpin' FRIDAY NIGHT DANCE PARTY!  Welcome to the February edition. Before we get our groove on, I'd like to remind you that in just 12 more days - February 13 The Kali Diaries unveils a brand spanking new column. Every month in the year 2013, The Kali Diaries will bring to you wicked words from some of the hottest musicians in the verse. Remember to check this space and to check it often! Now without further adieu, here is your Friday Night Dance Party line up!

Fen - Of Losing Interest
I had the absolute pleasure of reviewing Fen's album Of Losing Interest for This Is Not a Scene. Fen have released a video for the title track and it's a mind bender.  Says guitarist / vocalist Doug Harrison "The song 'Of Losing Interest' broke new ground for us. We didn't try to shape it into some convoluted or grandiose structure. We just let the riff be a riff and…