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Fashion Week from NYC New Single Fendi Bender

Fashion Week from NYC release new album.
This is a great sounding basement punk album.
It's raw and riveting. It's weird and loud. It's very much a product of New York City. The album is titled ‘Prêt-à-Porter’ and will release on February 23 thru Solar Flare Records.  Listen to their first single "Fendi Bender". If you like what you hear, pick up their back albums directly from the band at their bandcamp page here: Fashion Week at Bandcamp.


Longtime Equal Vision Records band, Bane, have  announced their final Australian tour this coming May and June with friends Defeater.  Last year Bane released their fourth and final full-length album Don't Wait Up via Equal Vision Records/Unified. The  announcement of the final album and tour comes nearly twenty years after Bane's first release,

with special guests BANE

Thursday May 28 - YMCA HQ, Perth AA

Friday May 29 - Rosemount, Perth

Saturday May 30 - Fowlers Live, Adelaide Lic/AA

Sunday May 31 - Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Monday June 1 - Arrow On Swanston, Melbourne AA

Wednesday June 3 - Bald Faced Stag, Sydney Lic/AA

Thursday June 4 - Bald Faced Stag, Sydney

Friday June 5 - The Small Ballroom, Newcastle

Saturday June 6 - YAC, Byron Bay AA

Sunday June 7 - The Brightside, Brisbane

Monday June 8 - The Lab, Brisbane AA

Ten Albums all Audiophiles Should Own

Every year I do a Top 10 List for the best albums that came out that year. I started to think about what the Top 10 Albums of all time would be. A few albums came instantly to mind. I jotted down about half of them with ready reasons as to why they were the "perfect album". Then I created a list of bands and albums I thought should be on the list. But when I compared the two, there was a chasm of difference. So I really pondered over the last few.

But here it is! Squeee If you are an avid music lover like I am, these albums (ok ok CDs) you should own and play voraciously! Click on the titles to buy or get them here: Top 10 Albums all Audiophiles Should Own

No. 10
Duke Ellington - Money Jungle
It took me several years to find this gem. This was back in the early days of the internet. The reason... Charlie Mingus on bass (who is my bass idol). I had heard of an album he did with Max Roach and had to seek it out. The combination of Mingus and Roach is the best rhythm section in …

Bob Dylan - Stay With Me (video)

Sometimes a song comes 'cross your desk that blows you away. Bob Dylan's "Stay With Me" is such a song. Sure, it's Bob Dylan and many people will say he is an icon. I didn't grow up on his work. Sure, I liked some of his songs, but he never really did it for me. I didn't connect fully with the entirety of his body of work. "Stay With Me" instantly captured me. Maybe it's because of my age, the place where I am in life. So much loss and having to say goodbye. But it's a song that went strait to my heart. It's a lovely simple composition that tugs at your heart strings and proves again, to a new generation of users that Bob Dylan is a master wordsmith.

Bob Dylan's new album, "Shadows in the Night," out February 3.

I Am Zero - Until The Sky Falls

"Until The Sky Falls" is taken from I Am Zero's debut EP 'Darksky' - Out February 20th via UNFD.
It's part screamo. Part punk. Part rap. Part experimental.

Oceans Ate Alaska - Vultures And Sharks (video)

Straight forward screaming and angsty metal.  If college bro emometal is your thing, then Oceans Ate Alaska are for you. They are formulaic, by the numbers, nothing new to hear. The band is tight. And their debut album Lost Isles releases on February 20th.

You can pre-order Lost Isles here at iTunes. 

Harrow - Fallow Fields

Fallow Fields
17 February 2015
Broken Limbs Records
7.5 of 10

Harrow's album Fallow Fields' first track reminds me of old Pink Floyd. "Pathways" is an ethereal romp through a barren musical landscape. Their is struggle in the composition, a weighty burden the listener must bear. At 14:21 the song overtakes you with angst. It's hard to listen without being swallowed up. "Through the Grey" is a more lighthearted fare. It's almost folksy in it's delivery. It hearkens travel across the wooded lands under grey and cloudy skies. Fallow Fields is not only a listening experience but a visual experience as the music evokes visions for the listener. The title track "Fallow Fields" is a dark witchy tome. Harrow is quite adept at using music to create colour and mood. The album ends with "Awake Before Dawn". It's another dark opus that combs the depth of sadness. The entire album is introspective and dark.


Nachtblut 2015 Tour Dates

Chimonas Tour 2015:

30.04.15 - Logo, Hamburg
01.05.15 - K17, Berlin
02.05.15 - Hellraiser, Leipzig
07.05.15 - Matrix, Bochum
08.05.15 - Checkpoint, Alfeld
09.05.15 - KUZ, Osterholz
14.05.15 - Rockfabrik, Nürnberg
15.05.15 - Backstage, München
16.05.15 - Central, Stuttgart
21.05.15 - Nachtleben, Frankfurt
22.05.15 - Kubana, Siegburg
23.05.15 - Club Schulz, Ottweiler

For More Info Visit:

Hate - Leviathan (video)

Poland’s death/ black metallers HATE are known for their highly dramatic soundscapes, which see menacing blastbeats melt into pure elegance! Their upcoming album Crusade:Zero definitely proves what they are made of!

Check out their brand new lyric video for the track "Leviathan“ and get ready for the album release on February 2nd in the UK & February 10th US/CAN on Napalm Records!

/w Vader

13.03.15 NL - Rotterdam / Baroeg
14.03.15 NL - Sneek / Bolwerk
15.03.15 NL - Eindhoven / Dynamo
16.03.15 FR - Lille / Aeronet
17.03.15 UK - Plymotuh / The Hub
18.03.15 UK - Nuneaton / Queens Hall
19.03.15 UK - Glasgow / Audio
20.03.15 IE - Dublin / Voodoo Lounge
21.03.15 UK - London / Underworld
22.03.15 BE - Hasselt / Muziekodroom
23.03.15 FR - Paris / Glazart
24.03.15 FR - Saint Nazaire / VIP
25.03.15 ES - Bilbao / Santana 27
26.03.15 PT - Lissabon / Paradise Garage
27.03.15 ES - Madrid / Arena
28.03.15 ES - Barcelona / Razzmatazz 2
29.03.15 CH - Martigny / Les Caves Du Manoir


MONSTER MAGNET is Rock 'n' Roll at its best, Rock 'n' Roll in its strongest propagation, loud & flashy Psychedelic Rock! Right at the raging psychedelic maze: Front man Dave Wyndorf, is a dazzling figure of light and leading figure in personal union.
MONSTER MAGNET are now on tour all over Europe! Germany, Belgium, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denkmark – to name just a few stops! Catch them live on the road & check all upcoming tour dates here:
                                 30.01.2015 GR - Athens / Stage Volume 1                                       31.01.2015 GR - Thessaloniki / Principal Club Theater 02.02.2015 CH - Lausanne / Les Docks 03.02.2015 DE - Frankfurt / Batschkapp 04.02.2015 DE - München / Backstage 06.02.2015 AT - Vienna / Szene 07.02.2015 CH - Lyss / Kufa 08.02.2015 DE - Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle 10.02.2015 NL - Deventer / Burgerweeshuis 12.02.2015 BE - Antwerp / Trix 13.02.2015 UK - Nottingham / Rock City 14.02.2015 UK - Glasgow / Garage 15.02.2015…

Progressive Metallers id. Streaming 'id. entity' From Upcoming EP 'Sagittarius A' Due Out Feb. 10th

"id.entity is not only a multiple play on words, but a coming out party for self awareness.” comments vocalist Jason Pennington. Listen here: for some super heavy music from id.entity. It's experimental. It's progressive. It's doom. Fun Fact: The story behind the EP Title: ‘Sagittarius A’ is the name of the black hole in the center of our galaxy. The idea comes from a fundamental belief in a scientific world view, free of religious influence and tyranny. It outlines how people are susceptible to believe things without evidence if it appeals to their vanity, as opposed to being presented with evidence and being able to accept something that is inherently contradictory to their intuition.

Lykaion - For Love (video)

"Heavy Lullabies" by Lykaion to be released February 6th by Finnish label Inverse Records.

Alessandro Sforza: Vox, guitar
Fabio Valentini: guitar
Valerio Lippera: Bass
Andrea Alberati: Drums

HIGH FIGHTER unveil first music video!

Holy and Fuck! The first video for February is heavy and sludgy and all around amazeballs.
HIGH FIGHTER, debuted summer 2014 by former members of A Million Miles, Pyogenesis and Buffalo Hump. They have just unveiled their first music video!

The band recorded their highly acclaimed debut EP “The Goat Ritual“ live and on one weekend in their rehearsal room. And it sounds phantastic!

HIGH FIGHTER have now released the official clip for “2Steps Blueskill“ from their EP “The Goat Ritual“, that was released  October 2014 as digital download on Bandcamp as well as on CD digi pack via the Napalm Records online store.