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Almost But Not Quite Totally Unlike Friday Night Dance Party

Hello! 2013 oh. my. The first Friday of 2013 came and went and it wasn't until the wee hours of Monday morning did I realize that I hadn't done a Friday Night Dance Party. The weekend is over and I mused if I should even attempt to do it. Then the words of the very wise Metal Motivator CJ Ortiz came back to me... "Whatever you do, don't suck!"  So I'm on it! I'm ringing in 2013 with a set of bitchin' live tracks. Join me in frugging about the flat!

Sworn To Oath - This Is Hell
Live at the Rugby! I love this band so much! They are totally killer!
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Monks of Mellonwah - Neurogenisis
This is soulful and loverly.The album Stars Are Out is a definite buy!
Monks of Mellonwah

Hate Squad - Respect
I command that everyone go out and get a Hate Squad album. It's something that is needed in every arsenal!
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Relicseed - Best Friend
That "little" band from Latvia (where?) that's opened up for Korpiklaani and …