Thrash Monk Fast Music for Slow People

I ran into these guys at Bloodstock in the queue for the Powerwolf signing. Very articulate bunch of blokes that know what kind of music they like and what kind of music they want to read about. They have a small beef against Metal Hammer and it seems Metal Hammer, or at least one of their writers, has a beef against them. Indeed, before they agreed to be interviewed they made it perfectly clear that they were NOT twats. Far from it, I can only surmise the guy from Metal Hammer that did interview them had some kind of superiority complex or was not secure in his manhood to take to the streets in a short dress, wig, and make up. It doesn't matter what you wear. People like what they like and should be respected for it. Everyone has an opinion on what they want to read in rock mags. I'd like more EVILE, Collapse, VOLBEAT, and Metallica (can never get to much)! Others may want more Opeth, Nevermore, Cannibal Corpse or Blind Guardian. It's what makes the world go round; differing musical tastes. It what keeps all the afore mentioned bands and many others in business; that someone somewhere likes what they have to offer. Besides, how can you not love Charlie!!??!!!!

I don't know which C(K)rusher they are referring to. I hope it's this Crusher. I listened to "Arm Chair Vampire" and thought it was great! Then I found this Krusher and wasn't that impressed. Not my cup of tea. But the "ladies" really seemed to like Hammerfall. And Blind Guardian who remind me of RenFare music. Groovy guitar work. Makes me want to drink mead and slay dragons. I looked their stuff up and live they tend to kick ass! Besides, how can you not like a band who have a song about Valhalla?


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