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Apocalyptica "Escape" Chandler, AZ 13May2018

Apocalyptica was gobsmackingly amazing. I'm biased as I've loved these guys for like ever! I caught them in Chandler, Arizona on 13 May. My trusty newfangled Canon was at my side.

This was Anterro's first tour in the USA. I think he nailed it.

 "Battery" and "Creeping Death" absolutely slayed it. It was fast and heavy!

An Eicca Triptych!

 You can never have too much Perttu!

                                                                                                              I am, of course, a super happy camper! Just getting to meet the guys in Apocalyptica again was stellar. They are wonderful gentlemen. Thank you to Eicca, Perttu, Paavo, and Mikko for such an amazeballz evening!

Update: Phoenix Comic Fest Sunday May 27

Saturday evening just after 7:30 pm, the Phoenix Convention Center’s fire alarm system activated.  The Convention Center takes these alarms seriously, and decided it was necessary to make an orderly evacuation of the building. The preliminary indication is that it was a false alarm and there has been no actual emergency.  Technicians are currently checking the system along with fire prevention specialists from the Phoenix Fire Department.  The Phoenix Convention Center made the decision to suspend programming for the rest of the evening, as the technical evaluation is completed. We will update you as soon as we get additional information. Phoenix Convention Center and Phoenix Comic Fest will hold a media briefing at 7 am Sunday morning at 2nd Street and Adams, in front of the Phoenix Convention Center West Building. We have met with the Phoenix Convention Center, security providers, and fire department officials. Phoenix Comic Fest will continue as planned on Sunday, May 27th. We anticipat…