Doctor Who?

Full disclosure. As you can see, Tom Baker is my doctor. He was my first. I've been on this ride over forty years. I've cycled through 73 different writers. Yup 73!!! I counted!!! Thank you Google. I understand the vitriol and trepidation of the new. You should've heard my comments when Colin Baker became the Doctor. I was less than thrilled. I was not polite about it. My family told me, suck it up or stop watching. I sucked it up. 

Now, 44 years later, I've a 13th Doctor. I reserve judgement. (ish) The writing is lackadaisical. There are plot holes. It does get dreadfully boring at times. There are more misses than hits. What I see is a Doctor struggling to find themselves. How exactly do you do that when you've so much history but don't want to repeat yourself? Well, you repeat yourself.  The Daleks have always been a go-to foe. They made their first appearance in season 1. There have been Dalek foes in all but 11 seasons of the entirety of Doctor Who. Like th…

Luke Cage Everyman

Hey Netflix,
Instead of cancelling Luke Cage, how about just hire better writers? Like this brand new Luke Cage story, "Everyman". It's from the writer of "Kill Shakespeare" Anthony Del Col. It's release date is November 21st. I've read it. It's a wicked good story. Luke tracks down a serial killer in the midst of Harlem’s worst-ever heatwave, one killing the community’s richest people. And on top of that, Luke is diagnosed with CTE from the years of internal trauma he’s suffered. Serial Killers. Heatwaves. Luke with CTE!!! You can't ask for more. A GOOD story line. Cute kids. A decent Iron Fist!!! I know right? After that debacle that you, Netflix, gave us. This is what Danny Rand is supposed to be like! And my favourite part? Luke and Jessica stay together!!!

So for all you Luke Cage fans out there, go pick up Everyman on November 21st. You'll be happy you did!
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Apocalyptica "Escape" Chandler, AZ 13May2018

Apocalyptica was gobsmackingly amazing. I'm biased as I've loved these guys for like ever! I caught them in Chandler, Arizona on 13 May. My trusty newfangled Canon was at my side.

This was Anterro's first tour in the USA. I think he nailed it.

 "Battery" and "Creeping Death" absolutely slayed it. It was fast and heavy!

An Eicca Triptych!

 You can never have too much Perttu!

                                                                                                              I am, of course, a super happy camper! Just getting to meet the guys in Apocalyptica again was stellar. They are wonderful gentlemen. Thank you to Eicca, Perttu, Paavo, and Mikko for such an amazeballz evening!

Update: Phoenix Comic Fest Sunday May 27

Saturday evening just after 7:30 pm, the Phoenix Convention Center’s fire alarm system activated.  The Convention Center takes these alarms seriously, and decided it was necessary to make an orderly evacuation of the building. The preliminary indication is that it was a false alarm and there has been no actual emergency.  Technicians are currently checking the system along with fire prevention specialists from the Phoenix Fire Department.  The Phoenix Convention Center made the decision to suspend programming for the rest of the evening, as the technical evaluation is completed. We will update you as soon as we get additional information. Phoenix Convention Center and Phoenix Comic Fest will hold a media briefing at 7 am Sunday morning at 2nd Street and Adams, in front of the Phoenix Convention Center West Building. We have met with the Phoenix Convention Center, security providers, and fire department officials. Phoenix Comic Fest will continue as planned on Sunday, May 27th. We anticipat…

Music Only Site

Not giving up the ghost yet my dear droogies. I've just moved the music stuff to The Evil DJ in Your Brain. This site is still up for comicons, traveling, and general nerdgasm musings.

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Last Bullet - 80-69-64 (album review)

Last Bullet
80-69-64 (EP)
Release: 14 July 2017

The main reason I like Last Bullet is because it sounds exactly like stuff I like: Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots.  Barring new music from those bands, listen to Last Bullet as they will satisfy your craving for straight ahead basly rock and roll with an attitude.

This EP is perfect for playing pool in a smoky bar or driving fast with the top down or dancing around a pole. It's damn infectious. I dare you to try to listen to it and not dance about your flat! There is an awesome heaviness to Last Bullet that just slays. This band is tight!

'Bright Lights' is my favourite song. I couldn't stop dancing to it. It's swanky, schmarmy, sexy, sultry! It lays just behind the beat enough to have that raunchy factor. 'Smoke and Ashes' is a song that perfectly shows what Last Bullet are about. This song is just fracking perfect!

Do yourselves and the Evil DJ in your Brain a favor come July 14. Get Last …

Osamu Kitajima - Dragon King (album review)

Osamu Kitajima
Dragon King
Arista Records

Sometimes things just stumble into your path and you've a great WTF! moment. Osamu Kitajima's Dragon King is one such thing. I was actually researching another band, a death metal band when this was listed next to it. I was intrigued and was met with some awesome jazz from the 70s with a Japanese twist. So why then in 2017 and I reviewing an album almost 40 years old? Because it fucking rocks!

The bass work is stellar! It has this great forward momentum that sucks you in and doesn't let go! There is a wildness to the album courtesy of the compositions and musicianship. The flutes, the guitars, the shakuhachi; everything melds together to create a sense of freedom.

The weakest song on the album is the third track 'Say You Will'. That's only because it has vocals. The music becomes cookie cutter to make way for the vocals. 'Share Your Love' is your basic R&B 70s track. Lackluster and stock is how I would des…

Mid Year Album Round Up

Welcome to July! I've had a whole six months of groovin to new tunes. Here's what you should have bought already! But don't worry! Everything is still being sold and you can pick up some groovy music! Tell them The Evil DJ in your Brain sent you!

The Top 5 Albums 2016 Midyear Roundup

5. All Hell - The Grave Alchemist
Vapiric Lust

4. Crystal Fairy - Crystal Fairy
Moth Tongue

3. Dead Register - Fiber

2. Life of Agony - A Place Where There is No More Pain
World Gone Mad

1. AFI - The Blood Album