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CHICAGO, IL, APRIL 27–Following up on a collaboration which spanned multiple series, leading up to Mike Mignola’s return to both writing and drawing his beloved demon, artist Duncan Fegredo returns to tell a story about a young Hellboy’s first brush with hell.
In this beautifully drawn fifty-six-page graphic novel, a young Hellboy runs away from the B.P.R.D., only to stumble upon a weird and fantastical circus and the few demons from hell who inhabit it.
“This one owes a lot to Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes (pretty much my favorite circus story of all time), but even more to Pinocchio—especially all the spooky, disturbing bits Disney left out. And the work Duncan is doing here is just flat-out amazing,” said Mike Mignola.

“Growing up is tough enough, even when you don’t know the weight of the world rests on the future of your yet-diminutive shoulders. Mike has woven a tale of coming of age for the young Hellboy made all the more poignant for knowing his future. Wonderfu…

EVILE - Skull (Earache Records)

May 27 marks the date that Evile "come back" with their fourth album, Skull on Earache Records.  What does one expect from such a hotly pulsating star? One expects it to be as blistering as the Toxic Avenger, harder than Mjolner, and more ferocious than Wolverine. High expectations, but the quartet from Huddersfield delivers.

The opening track is also the first video released, "Underworld". My favourite bits of this song are the guitar solos. Ol Drake is a beast and he commands his guitar like an evil wizard. The guitar sounds are part Slayer and part Testament with a hint of Metallica. It's a very engaging stew to the ears. Evile is a thrash metal band that hasn't strayed to far from their roots. Evile frontman Matt Drake comments:

"We are proud to release the first full track from our upcoming album 'Skull' for you to wrap your ears around.  Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what's in store for you all come May 27th.


EVILE - Underworld (video)

Squeeee One of the hardest working bands are back for another aural assault! EVILE releases official lyric video for the track "Underworld" from the new album SKULL. You can pick up SKULL  on  May 27th in Europe and June 11th in the USA.
Pre-order SKULL now:
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An HOUR a day and a Happy DJ!!!

Happy Friday! Spend an hour on yourself by rocking out to these awesome tunes! Brought to you by Collapse, All Hail the Yeti, As I Lay Dying, Hate Squad, Bonded by Blood and Thames Burial! Stay Metal my friends!

EVILE Pre-Order SKULL !!!!!

PRE-ORDER Evile's SKULL album from the label's own webstore and help towards getting METAL into the album charts!

Evile's "Skull" is out on MAY 27TH and there are several Pre-Order options below

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As They Burn - Dream Collapse (video)

SQUEEEEE As They Burn released a video from their epic album Will, Love, Life. As you know, I'm a huge lover of the new album: Metal As Fuck review: As They Burn - Will, Love, Life  Kevin Trevor on vocals along with the gobsmackingly amazing guitar prowess of Hoby Arinosy and Fabio Meschini are to die for. The rhythm section of Ronald Pastor and Milton Bakech are tight. Will, Love, Life is a must have for every metal head's arsenal. Enjoy the new video: Dream Collapse and pick up the new album!

Beastwars - Caul of Time

Beastwars released a new single ahead of the April release of new album Blood Becomes Fire. The new single entitled Caul of Time is quite chunky in the rhythm department. It also sounds quite dark and a bit twisted. The vocals are still wickedly sinister, as you'd expect from any Beastwars song. The band didn't muck about with their winning formula. Caul of Time is in the same vein as 2012's Beastwars (self titled album). Caul of Time is a weighty dark and heavy song. It evokes Blade Runner visuals. It makes you feel a tad bit uncomfortable. The bass has a ferocious momentum on this track. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the entire album! Check out Beastwars on Facebook: and download the album on Bandcamp:  Blood Becomes Fire.

An HOUR a day and a Happy DJ!!!!

You know that old adage, Sharing is Caring? Well, the Evil DJ in my brain is sharing some wicked groovy tunage with you! Take an hour out of your day and kick back and relax to the dulcet sounds of Diamond Plate, Collapse, Sworn to Oath, Bonded by Blood and many more! You can also LIKE the The Kali Diaries on Facebook to get more nifty tunage recommendations. SQUEEEEEE

Wringer 13: Melynda Jackson from EIGHT BELLS


HAVOK - From the Cradle to the Grave video

Havok are relentless and this new video proves it to anyone who doubts. From the Cradle to the Grave is from last year's Point of No Return album.  Discussing the song’s lyrical inspiration, vocalist/guitarist Dave Sanchez says, “‘From The Cradle To The Grave’ is about America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes. In the late 1800s, in Chicago, Holmes built a hotel specifically with murder in mind. It included doors that opened up to brick walls, staircases that lead to nowhere, and one-way rooms that once you entered, you never came out. He was a religious man and firmly believed that since he was born, the Devil was at his side. That being said, bang your head.”
You can read more about HAVOK here: Wringer 13: Reece Scruggs

Friday Night Dance Party: Party like it's Spring Time!

It's almost but not quite totally unlike a Friday Night! Let's get a Dance Party on!!!! SQUEEEEE

JuJu Club - 수필러브
I totally rocked out to this track in 1997!! It deserves very loud playing!!! Warning: please move all objects away from your immediate vicinity as you will start windmilling about the flat and knock things over! And yes, that's bitchin' bass man Lee Tae Yoon laying down the heavy riffage!

Fitz and the Tantrums - Spark
I caught them at a Dave Matthews Band caravan show and fell in love. Another dancing around the flat song. Spark is from their upcoming album More Than Just a Dream.

Collapse - Acolyte
Been a massive fan of them since Bloodstock 2010. They are frakking awesome! Squeeee Pick up the new disk: Arms and the Covenant. The album is just as brutal as this track.

Toxic Holocaust - Agony of the Damned
 A head banging circle pit worthy track from the new album The Ashes of Nuclear Destruction on Relapse Records.

All Hail the Yeti - When The Sky Falls