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Amman and Petra Pictures


Video From Petra or Wes Stroud, I am Not

On the Road Again

This time it's for a holiday trip. I needed to get out. To escape if you will. I decided to consult my list and see what I could afford. Lo and Behold! A gem! The Dead Sea and Petra. HHHMMMMMM I mused. The theme music to Indiana Jones still fresh in my mind as the tele here has played Temple of Doom like every week for a month. LOL A sign if ever I had one. So I perused around websites and consulted useless travel agents and decided on Air Arabia flying out of Sharjah. Just two days. Go in. Dead Sea. Petra. Back. Easy Peasy. Got directions to airport. Hopped in my Chevy and off I went. 0530 am stupid o'clock. LOL Sharjah airport is easy to find. Long Term parking easy to find. Check in. Easy. Wow. That was easy! LOL Flight time is 2 1/2 hours so I slept all the way there. I had planned on exiting the airport, heading to the hotel, dropping off my backpack and then strait to the Dead Sea. Even bought a new swimsuit for the occasion. (OK. So the old one was rendered a moldy mes…