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YES WE CAN!!! And we did at that!

Zowie! After an arduous drive from Boston, a quick nap, shower, and grub we headed down to DC for the inauguration. We were one of the "lucky ones". My dad lives in Maryland and commutes to work in DC. We had a nice, comfy, warm place to crash. We made it to his house at six-ish (mind you, I had been on the road since 1am when I left Boston). A very delicious lasagna awaited us. With our bellies full, Jack Bauer on the 60inch TV, and a "briefing" about transit, we nestled into slumber.

Five AM came to quickly. We winterized ourselves. Like we were back in Fairbanks, Alaska winterized. LOL Layers upon layers upon layers. It was going to be a long frigid day. Dad drove us to the commuter bus meeting spot. We boarded the bus and took off for the half hour drive to the metro station. Easy Peasy. The metro station, the green line, will take us strait into the belly of the beast.

The metro itself was no different than the 1 or 9 in New York City or the Central Line in Lon…

Back in the Saddle

Not to long ago I got a late night PM from a mate of mine. He wanted to know what "shows I was doing". I told him and he asked if I would work them. I didn't hesitate to say yes. Mind you, I haven't worked a show since the Ted Nugent show in, wot 2004 I think. This wasn't going to be as labour intensive. This would be more like doing the medical conferences. I would be in my element, left alone, to do my job.
I didn't realize how much I missed it! It was a bummer not being able to hang with my mates, some of whom had traveled well over 3000 miles to be at the show. Some live less than an hour away, but I hadn't seen them in ages. But it was dead groovy the actual work environment.
I got my credentials, took a tour of the facility, and notateds the bathrooms. Clean ones that I only had to share with the people who were using this space as their command center. I was working with a good friend whom I hadn't seen since I was in Dublin two years ago! LOL I…

Toloache - A Restaurant you've got to try!

I got a call from my sister the morning of her birthday weekend. "Toloache!" she says. "I want to go to Toloache for dinner." She gave me the website and their phone number 212-581-1818 and told me to make it happen. I went to the website and stared dejectedly "Reservations must be made three days in advance" (sic). I sighed. I called. It was still early, not yet 0930. No one answered. I tried again at 10 then again close to 11 am. Their first service is 1130 so I was happy to get thru before they were slammed with the brunch crowd. I was able to make a reservation for that night with no problems.

The restaurant is on 251 West 50th St., right off the corner of Broadway and 50th across the alley from the Gershwin Theatre. Across the street is also an entrance to the 1,2,3 and 9.

Toloache seats 90. There are two floors. The bottom floor has a bar that faces the door. The stairs leading up to the loft area are made of a lovely light coloured wood; the …