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Big 4 in Theatres

The premise is not a new one. The kiddie bands and even Duran Duran and Green Day have done it. A one off event: Play a live concert in a movie theatre. Big Screen. Surround Sound. Dolby. It's not as if we headbangers haven't done something similar. On the small screen of course. A nice long weekend. Plenty of food and drink. Someone's TV - the bigger the better. And many many DVDs. Bootleg live shows or Concert DVD's or Rock in Rio. How many countless times have we watched A Year and a Half and Live Shit and Classic Albums or Symphony and Metallica or any number of bootlegs from New York shows. It's a ready made chapter meeting.

But this was different. This was special! All the musings about who would WE want to put on a festival and sit around and watch or if we're lucky, go and see live?





So it is written, so it shall be done. Last nights show (June 22) in Sophia Bulgaria was a wet dream come true for many metal heads. If…

BOOM Big Issues:

BOOM Big Issues:

This is such a well written article by Sean Flynn. It's truly moving and brought tears to my eyes. Never forget, men: fathers, sons, brothers, husbands - died on that blazing oil rig in the Gulf. The birds are sad, and yes people are losing their livelihoods. But in reality, they are "able" to work - it won't be easy to move or retrain or find another "job". But they are "able". For many - who are dead - they aren't "able" to do anything. As they are dead.

Special Benefit Screening and Panel Discussion

Special Benefit Screening & Panel Discussion @ IFC THIS TUE, 6/22, 8 pm!!

Dear Friends,

We cordially invite you to the upcoming CRUDE benefit screening and panel discussion, co-sponsored by the IDA and WGA, happening this Tuesday, June 22nd at 8p at IFC Center (6th Ave. & W. 3rd St.) in NYC.

A 45-minute panel discussion featuring Joe, his lead attorney Maura Wogan, documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, WGAe President Michael Winship, and others will follow the screening, focusing on the rights and roles of documentary filmmakers as independent journalists in today's global media landscape.

If you have already seen CRUDE, you may purchase tickets to just attend the post-screening panel discussion (please arrive at the theater by 9:30 to ensure your entry into the auditorium).

Here's the link to the event:

To purchase tickets:

Please pass this info on to NYC fr…

CRUDE benefit screening NYC June 22!!!

This is a really important cause. Joe is an excellent film maker. The proof of that is Chevron suing him. They must be quite frightened by what he has to say. Please go to the screening. Buy the movie. See for yourself. If you "enjoyed" My Brother's Keeper, Paradise Lost, Iconoclasts, Some Kind of Monster, or Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed America please support the producer that brought you these thought provoking films.

Special CRUDE Benefit Screening in NYC Next Tue, 6/22!

2 Weeks Left to Donate to First Amendment Fund! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Dear Friends,

As many of your may have seen in the press, Chevron recently served a subpoena on the CRUDE filmmakers in order to obtain nearly 600 hours of raw footage accumulated during the making of this film. In May, a US District Court ruled for Chevron and ordered CRUDE's director, Joe Berlinger, to produce the footage. In an effort to protect the footage, his sources, and his process, Berlinger immediately appealed. On…

Madison Street Veterans Association

Friday - June 4, 2010 Phoenix, Arizona
Madison Street Veterans Association is a "Veterans helping Veterans" facility that assists homeless veterans in the Phoenix area. It provides a place to escape the heat, a cup of coffee, computer access, help with obtaining military paperwork, bus passes, and camaraderie. On June 4, 2010 they opened a new 50-bed transitional housing facility. The facility boasts a large kitchen, laundry area, and spacious day room. Everything in the new housing area was donated.
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Congressman Harry Mitchell, Maricopa County Manager David Smith and Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley attended the dedication ceremony.