Star Wars Art: Visions

Now this makes the perfect Christmas pressie for all the Star Wars addicts out there! This book is gorgeous, full of colour, and rich in tones. It brings together so many different artists - Evan Wilson, Jamie Wyeth, Alex Roth just to name a few. My favourite artist whose work is included? BORIS VALLEJO!!!! For me, that's the price of the book.

Spoilers: There is this bitchin' picture of a baby Darth Maul! I thought it was wicked cool it was throwing up the metal devil horns a'la Ronnie James Dio. Yes, I know it is also the universal sign language symbol for love. But a Metal Maul was too cool as well!!

Only $40 in the USA.

Definitely pick up a copy: ISBN 978-0-8109-9589-5


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