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Diamond Plate - "Walking Backwards" from new album PULSE

I have nothing but infinite love for Diamond Plate. From the first time I was sent to review them live; it's been a total psychotic love fest. They've released their first single to the second album, Pulse. The single is entitled "Walking Backwards". It's blistering! It's a circle pit frenzy of happiness. It reminds me of Kill Em All era Metallica, early 90s Slayer, a touch of Pantera, and a whole lotta attitude. OMG! The track is just amazing. Helming vocals since the departure of "purdy haired" Jon Macak (for personal reasons) is Matt Ares. To my ears, on this track, Matt's vocals have a more gritty, more guttural tinge than Jon. It's not better, just different. A wee part of me wonders if Jon had stayed how much better the vocals would be. But I digress, the killer part of the song is, as usual, KonradKupiec's guitars. For someone so young, he's got a firm grasp of metal riffage! Konrad can stand toe to toe with Kirk Hammet, Mart…

Blodig Alvor - Morkets Frembrudd


Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond the Sun


Gloria Morti - Lateral Constraint


Borg 64 - Anywhere But Here


As Angels Bleed - As Angels Bleed

Here's another contender for gothic symphonic masters. As Angels Bleed are a four piece from
Sydney, Australia. Avelina De Moray helms lead vocals. Von Lehmann is the ax-master. Frank
Marcri on drums and Jack Savage on bass rounds out the band. Believe it or not, their album As Angels Bleed was recorded at a place called Hells Gate Studio.

The opening track is very over the top. As Angels Bleed merge a Lacuna Coil sound with a Ghost presence and come up with something very kitch and instantly likable. "Sinfully Yours" is richly layered and artfully blends prog rock and metal with a more darker tongue in cheek feel. "Desire" is more hard hitting metal mixed with doomy overtures. The music in and of itself isn't your average run of the mill doom. It's more in the lyrics and imagery As Angels Bleed conjures up. For instance, "I Drown" sounds like the theme song to some awesome Canadian drama series that nobody has ever seen but uber geeks like…

Rival Sons and Sammy Hagar ??!! oh Yesh!!!

Rival Sons have confirmed dates for a US tour, including a number of shows with rock legend Sammy Hagar(Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot).

Rival Sons will be kicking off their tour on August 20th with a number of headlining dates, and have also been invited to perform a select number of shows with one of their heroes, Sammy Hagar, on his "Four Decades of Rock" summer tour.

Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday comments:

"Well, we're finally hitting our homeland for a handful of tour dates.  Ask and ye shall receive!  And what a cool thing to get to go out and support a legend and super cool fella like Mr. Sammy Hagar.  I think this one's gonna be a blast!"

Sammy Hagar, himself a long-time fan of Rival Sons, comments:

"These guys are the real thing.  Their first CD was great, showing off a lot of styles from the '60s, '70s and '80s.  These boys have done their homework... now road-tested.  The Sons have made a CD (HEAD DOWN) that truly lives up to t…