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RELICSEED plays Billy's Bike Fest in Telford, PA

April 25 was a great night for people in Pennsylvania. Billy's Biker List and Strip Club Choppers hosted RELICSEED at their first Bike Night Under the Lights in Telford, PA at the Greenhouse Tavern. It was a night of motorcycles, beer, burgers, and metal! Bike Night will be held every last Wednesday of the month through, I believe, September (I could be mistaken. All I know is, it's through the summer. LIKE them on Facebook to get more details.)

Relicseed are in the USA to record their next album in LA with Bryan Carlstrom (Alice in Chains, Rob Zombie, Anthrax, and Billy Idol). Singer/Guitarist Edgars Rakovskis, Guitarist (and recording studio owner) Karlis Steinmanis, Janus Narbuts (electrical engineer - smart and talented) and arguably one of the best drummers on the planet Andrejs Upmacis have a handful of dates on this, their only second visit to the USA, Billy's Bike Night being one and opening for Sabaton in LA another. You can get tickets for that May 23rd show her…

Faith No More Summer 2012 Tour Dates

FAITH NO MORE back on tour??!! Say it ain't so! But it is. This is wicked cool for the summer of 2012. The iconic line up of Mike Bordin, Roddy Bottum, Bill Gould, Jon Hudson and Mike Patton **swoon***thud**** are hitting the road this summer. Your best bet to see them are to head over to France for Sonisphere or try to get tickets to the Hammersmith Apollo show in London. If you were lucky enough to see them in the 90s, you know they put on a hell of a show!

SUMMER 2012 June 28Volt FestivalSopronHungaryJune 29Belgrade CallingBelgradeSerbiaJune 30Creation of PeaceKazanRussiaJuly 02Stadium LiveMoscowRussiaJuly 04Malta FestivalPoznanPolandJuly 7SonisphereAmnévilleFranceJuly 8Hammersmith ApolloLondonUK

Skeletonwitch European Tour 2012

Ohio's best export, well their only export SKELETONWITCH are hitting Europe in support of Forever Abomination. They are a beast live and you don't want to miss them!

SKELETONWITCH European Tour  2012:

6/15/2012 Copenhell – Copenhagen, Denmark w/ Immortal, Anthrax, Mastodon, etc.
6/16/2012 Metal Town – Gothenburg, Sweden w/ Opeth, Mayhem, Slayer, etc.
6/18/2012 Comet Club – Berlin, Germany
6/19 Hamburg, Germany - Gruenspan w/ Killswitch Engage
6/20/2012 Luxor – Cologne, Germany
6/22/2012 Graspop Metal Meet – Hasselt, Belgium w/ Ozzy, Slash, Cannibal Corpse
6/23/2012 Earshakerdays – Basel, Switzerland w/ Black Label Society, Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, etc.
6/25/2012 Durer Kert Small Hall – Budapest, Hungary
6/26/2012 Chelsea – Vienna, Austria
6/28/2012 Rock Café – Prague, Czech Republic w/ Lamb of God
6/29/2012 With Full Force Festival – Leipzig, Germany w/ Machine Head, Gojira, Meshuggah, etc.
6/30/2012 Sputnikhalle – Muenster, Germany w/ Devildriver
7/01/2012 Open Air Met…

Diamond Plate spring 2012 Tour Dates

Chicago's best export since da BEARS and SCTV - DIAMOND PLATE are gearing up for yet another US tour with thrash legends OVERKILL.  Friday, March 20th in Philadelphia starts the shenanigans!

Joining DIAMOND PLATE and OVERKILL on "The Electric Age Tour" are New Jersey headbangers GOD FORBID and  a band called SUIDAKRA.

DIAMOND PLATE lead guitarist KONRAD KUPIEC comments:

"We're excited as hell to be going out with the legends Overkill!  Also being on a package with God Forbid and Suidakra makes the whole tour that much better.  It's been months since we did a full US tour, so we can't wait to see all of our fans again.  A few years ago as kids we had the honor of opening an Overkill show in Chicago and to this day it remains one of our best hometown shows.  We're looking to recreate that same moment in every city on this tour.  Come out and feel the energy!"

See DIAMOND PLATE live on tour at the following shows:

Apr. 20 - Philadelphia, PA …


Comic-Con International has announced the nominations for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards 2012! The nominees are chosen by a top notch panel of judges and reflect the wide range of what is being published in the comic world from comics to graphic novels.  Dark Horse Comics has 11 nominations, including two each for the anthology Dark Horse Presents, JeffJensen’s Green River Killer, and Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo. Named for acclaimed comics creator Will Eisner, the awards are in their twenty-fourth year of highlighting the best publications and creators in comics and graphic novels.

Best Short Story
“The Speaker,” by Brandon Graham, in DarkHorse Presents #7

Best Continuing Series
Usagi Yojimbo, by StanSakai

Best Anthology
Dark Horse Presents, editedby Mike Richardson

Best Humor Publication
The Artof Doug Sneyd: A Collection of Playboy Cartoons
Chimichanga, by Eric Powell
Milk& Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad, by Evan Dorkin

Best Reality-Based Work

Savage Messiah adds two dates in the Netherlands

British heavy metallers SAVAGE MESSIAH are returning to the Netherlands this June for two newly-confirmed shows. Catch the band at Little Devil in Tilburg, followed by a special after-party for the FortaRock festival in Nijmegen.

"We're looking forward to returning to Holland for a few dates in June.  Our first ever show in continental Europe took place in Holland, at Den Pul in Uden when we supported Overkill, so it's exciting to go back and play for the Dutch metal crowd once again.  Hopefully we'll be able to announce more European shows soon!  Stay posted."

See SAVAGE MESSIAH live at the following shows:
June 01 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Little Devil
June 02 - Nijmegen, Netherlands - FortaRock Afterparty at Merleyn

SAVAGE MESSIAH's new album, PLAGUE OF CONSCIENCE, is out now worldwide on CD and limited edition coloured vinyl LP.  Get the album in Europe at or in North America at http://bit.l…

Evile to film video for In Memoriam

EVILE are set to film a music video for the track "In Memoriam", which appears on the band's recently-released new album, FIVE SERPENT'S TEETH.

The band will shoot the video on April 29th in England with director Ben Thornley.

EVILE lead guitarist Ol Drake says:
"The initial idea was to release the 'Cult' video, as we did, then immediately get onto recording the video for 'In Memoriam'; this was easier said than done.  It's been well documented why the song exists.  When it came to getting the 'right'/'appropriate' treatment for the video it was a lengthy process.  The song is so close to all of us that we wanted to make sure the video complimented the song and its subject matter, and that all four of us were happy with how the song will be portrayed visually.  If we'd have settled on the first idea after 'Cult', we wouldn't have been happy, so amidst touring and gigging we've been working hard on getting th…

Wagonhouse Winery

I had the extreme pleasure of being introduced to Wagonhouse Winery over the weekend. I know nothing about wine except what I think tastes good and what I think tastes bad. I'm not a wine snob. I don't drink wine in a posh way. I liked Wagonhouse Winery. It's tucked in very South Jersey. YES. New Jersey. The state. New Jersey makes delicious wines. Well, Wagonhouse Winery does. It's located on at 1401 Route 45, Swedesboro, NJ in South Harrison Township. It's tucked in the bucolic South Jersey farmlands. This area is why New Jersey is known as the garden state. The vinyard and winery is family owned and operated. It's very inviting and comfortable. The tasting I attended allowed a sip of all the wines on the menu. They have something for every taste.
Apple Table Wine - tastes like a very light Magners Cider. Blueberry Table Wine - WOW, just WOW!! Amazing! It's a "dry" wine that's not overly sweet. I loved the taste. Fallen Quaker - another WOW!…

The "Good" Friday Night Dance Party

Hello my little Droogies! It's another First Firday - a Good one at that and I'm here with some groovy music to get your weekend started!

First up is Wretched - Dilated Disappointment from their newest album Son of Perdition

How about a little Onslaught - The Sound of Violence? Onslaught are finishing up their FIRST ever tour of the USA. Hope you caught them!

Now for something completely different.... a Viking Metal band from .... Illinois! Fall of Eden with Jagermeister. How can you not like a song called Jagermeister!

Savage Messiah'sSix Feet Under the Gun from their newest release Plague of Conscience
Now this is guitar playing at its best! Shred-tastic!

And now for something a little "heavy".... Heaven Shall Burn doing Not My God. erm ok... BUT it features Burkhard Schmitt of Hate Squad ***swoon**** on vocals. This was shot March 26th of this year.

Here's one from the best metal band in the UK - Collapse. This is called Forsaken and is taken from thier D…

68 Scars is Here!!!

Jay Fotos, Mark Kidwell, and Nat Jones have been busy little bees. They are the architects of 68, one of the most original Zombie comics and stories to come across in years! The premise, February 13, 1968, the world changes. Time stops. Zombie apocalypse. So now our men and women have to fight off the Viet Cong AND Zombies from both sides.

Hot off the heels of winning five (5) awards:
Artist of the Year 2011 Nat Jones, Best One Shot 2011 '68 Hardship, Cover of the Year 2011 '68 Hardship Cover A, Best Kill of the Year 2011 Miss Landers is eaten by Zombies, and Colorist of the Year 2011 Jay Fotos. You have GOT to read this series! Head over to and just buy everything!

'68 Scars comes out April 11, and if you see it, buy it! The 68 fellows say there will NOT be a second printing.

'68 Comics will be at the Phoenix Comicon Memorial Day weekend, May 24-27. Their both is a cornucopia for the eyes you don't want to miss.

Musing on Music: Fall of Eden

Long Boats on Lake Michigan?! Say it isn't so! But alas, the next best Viking Folk Metal band is NOT from Finland (How did this happen? Is it allowed? Will the Finns retaliate?) but from gasp..... Downers Grove,  Illinois!

Fall of Eden gives us Wargasm which is  from the Warrior Demos. I love the composition as it makes me want to head bang and folk dance at the same time. Russ Knobel's vocals are gruff and evil. Steve Howe and Taylor Cooper on guitars are in happy harmony. There is a lot of movement to the song, a lot of forward progress.  The song has shades of Kirk Hammett solos and runs meshing with some Janick Gers/ Dave Murray/ Adrian Smith guitar harmonies. There is even a nifty bass line that bobs and weaves throughout the song.

Til Valhall is an amazing frenetic mosh pit extravaganza. It's Finntroll and Korpiklaani for the American set. There is plenty of mead drinking and dead animal on an open firey pit eating and dancing around large fires in animal skin to be d…

SABATON news!! Tour still on!!!

SABATON rumours of a break up are nothing but fear mongering. SABATON is alive and well and have new band members! They've released a video introducing the new members. Watch it and be happy (and stop your whinging and moaning)!!

SABATON are here to stay!
Joakim Broden - vocals
Par Sundstrom - bass
Chris Rorland - guitars
Thobbe Englund - guitars
Robban Back - Drums

They are still on the hunt for a keyboard player, but until then they have the recordings by Daniel Mhyr to get them through the tour.


Sabaton Tickets - May 23 - Los Angeles

New Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet Screenings Announced

File under things that are happily amazing! Many old gaurd metal heads remember Jason Becker, the guitar virtuoso from Cacophony with the equally talented Marty Friedman and then from a stint with David Lee Roth. In the 1980s, Becker was definitely in contention, with few challengers, to be a guitar god. This was cemented in 1988 with the release of seminal guitar album Perpetual Burn. It is greatly unfortunate that Jason was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease and given 3 - 5 years to live. Shows you what doctors know as almost 25 yeaers later, Jason Becker is definitely NOT DEADYET!

Jason Becker has released not one but TWO more albums, Raspberry Jams in 1999 and Blackberry Jams in 2003. How did he do this? Enter Mike Bemesderfer, a music producer who helped Jason come up with a computer program that would compose the music based on the movement of Jason's head and eyes. Now that's a true miracle, Jason Becker is still composing and releasing music even though he has lit…