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Kirk Hammett's Too Much Horror Business

This is something that has been stewing for quite a long time. Once thought to be released last year, here is an update on Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and his first book,Too Much Horror Business: The Kirk Hammett Collection. It will be released this October via Abrams Image. Kirk’s love of all things horror is well known throughout the Metallica community. All the Metclub members either know of or had a sneaky peaky of his immense and legendary collection of horror memorabilia. Like most of us, he has been a collector since he was a kid! Too Much Horror Business is a gobsmacking 228 page, hardback, large format coffee table book featuring well over 300 full color images from Kirk’s private collection and exclusive set photography by Mark Leialoha and Joe Gibbs.  Longtime scribe and staunch Tottenham Hotspur supporter Steffan Chirazi contributes three conversations wiht Kirk covering the importance of collecting in Hammett’s life from childhood, plus written captions by Kirk for many of t…

EVILE - In Memoriam video

EVILE  released their video for In Memoriam today to critical acclaim. Wish I could say more, but I still have the chills.  In Memoriam is the latest single from their hit album Five Serpent's Teeth. FIVE SERPENT'S TEETH is available now worldwide on CD and limited edition coloured vinyl, and is also available from the Earache Webstore in a range of exclusive "Serpent Cult" fan packs.

Get the album now in Europe at or in North America at
FIVE SERPENT'S TEETH is also available on iTunes at

EVILE drummer BEN CARTER comments:
"We are really excited for our fans, both new and old, to see our video for In Memoriam.  It's a different sound and approach for us definitely, but we hope our fans appreciate the sentiment and reason this song exists.  There's a lot of context in the song that everyone will at one time or another relate to, and we hope we have captured that essence in the video.  We didn…

Skeletonwitch + Nile + Black Dahlia Murder = Headbanging Goodness

My brain works in very mysterious ways. I totally admit this. Anyone who has had the gnarly luck of having me interview them will attest to. LOL Going thru my notes I came across the April 18, 2012 show for Skeletonwitch, Nile, and Black Dahlia Murder and it didn't have a publication attached to it. HHHMMMM I mused. More digging ensued. I soon found this existed no where except in my notes. Not good! So here yas go!

Skeletonwitch are frakking awesome live. No lie. So I was quite disappointed that they only had a 30 minute set. Are you INSANE??!!! At least they played to an enthusiastic crowd. After the set, the lead singer, Chance, toweled off and began his next shift at the merch booth. That's where I caught up with him.

Chance loves what he does he says it's "better than the alternative". Sure, you could work at McDonald's and "make more money" or "work another job and hate it". But Chance reckons he's got the "bestjob in the wo…


Earache Records is celebrating 25 years of bringing extreme and just killer groovy metal to the masses and, as part of the celebrations, has released the World's Shortest Album, striking fear into the hearts of radio DJs everywhere.

Earache is no stranger to world records, having previously claimed two official Guinness World Records, for the world's shortest single with NAPALM DEATH's"You Suffer", as well as the world's shortest music video with BRUTAL TRUTH's"Collateral Damage".

Now, Earache is taking the idea of "shorter, faster, louder" to the extreme, with the shortest, fastest and loudest album around.  'Earache: World's Shortest Album' celebrates brevity as an art form, featuring 13 extreme, straight-to-the-point tracks totalling just 87 seconds, smashing the previous 121-second record held by Canadian dance group CHROMEO.

The attempt at setting the new record for the world's shortest album has been rejected by …

Bonded By Blood - The Aftermath

Is it July 3rd yet? No? Only June. Blerg! One more month to go before the best damn album of 2012 drops!!! You can get your hands on THE AFTERMATH  July 2nd in Europe and July 3rd in North America.  The album was recorded with producer and former MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist LOGAN MADER (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, DEVILDRIVER, GOJIRA) at Darth Mader Studios in Los Angeles.

Pre-order THE AFTERMATH now in North America at or in Europe at

And while you wait, follow the band at:
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For your listening pleasure. If you missed them live on the current tour. Well, sucks to be you as they played five new tracks from the album. LOL So now you gotta wait  until July.... on another tour! squeeee

OK - so it's officially Saturday night, but I've had two weekends of comicons. First was Phoenix Comicon and then Philadelphia Comicon. I totally got my geek on with much squeeing done in the presence of Jamie Bamber (Law and Order, Battlestar Gallactica) - a SPURS supporter and DotCom (30 Rock) - not a SPURS supporter. LOL I left this months playlist up for vote by the fans and this is what I got. I was surprised to get four "popular" bands with high votes to add to the usual rotation of awesome bands. So here is what the fans wanted to see.

Southern Train Gypsy - Hallelujah in the Fire
Awesome band from Texas. You gotta check them out! 

Armada Drive - My Life
From thier debut album!

Countless Thousands - Minor Sounds of Inconvenience
I love Danger! You will too!

Vagora - Schitzofriendly
New to me, new to you!

And now for the popular muisc you all know and love!

Dio - Rainbow in the Dark

Danzig - Her Black Wings

Misfits - We Are 138

And ending the night... a class…
Patrick Stewart on working with Majel Barrett - she brought to the set "Outrageous energy and charming vulgarity".
William Shatner: "I'm thrilled with what Chris Pine is doing with the character." Wizardworld Philadelphia Comicon
William Shatner "Stan Lee has got that peculiar brain." On what was his favourite super hero growing up.