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Stan Winston Light

My nephew is a movie making guru! He does a lot of special effects, costuming, and movie make up. For a Halloween party, he decided to do "full" special effects make up on himself. I did help. LOL And his dad lent a hand when four were not enough. It took us two hours to go from fresh faced fifteen year old to disfigured tie wearing anti-hero. I hope you enjoy our journey!! If anyone knows any one who works at Stan Winston studios - point them in the direction of this blog. Greg will be 16 this summer and I smell internship!!!!

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Metallibash 2009

Come out and join And Jersey For All and Invisible Kids hosting Metallibash 2009. Hey, you're going to the Uniondale show. You are going to BOTH Newark shows! Keep the party going Friday Night!! Great Food! Great Frenz!!! See yas at TWINS!!!