EVILE in Trenton 08 October 2010

Trenton is not a place you want to get lost in. It's dark. It's hard to read the street signs. There are a LOT of cops around, but they seem to be rushing off somewhere in a red / blue blinding hurry. Luckily, the people in the 7-11 knew exactly where I was going. I thought I was late but as it happens, EVILE haven't been hitting the stage until about 10pm. Lucky for me! With the "cozyness" of the Big Blue Van, a preference for Walmart car parks, and a love of A&W Root Beer the four lads that make up EVILE: Matt and Ol Drake, Ben Carter, and Joel Graham tore thru an all too short set. I swear, I was just getting warmed up! I must say, it is hard to shoot and headbang at the same time. Small one man mosh pits would erupt behind me and I'd brace myself for the random hit. I've been tagged harder at Duran Duran concerts. LOL The punters seemed content to headbang. Many went up to the band afterwards to thank them for the show and to profess their love of the music. A few even vowed to return on November 3rd - and bring a friend! Brooklyn is next on the list Sunday night with Canadian dates following at the end of the month. A welcome change of weather to something more "manageable" - as the earlier shows have been in very hot temperatures.


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