Echoes Fall Interview


Metal is not dead. It’s just skint. So what do you do if you are an up and coming band, low on funds and heavy on talent? You play BLOODSTOCK, of course! I caught up with Ipswitch band EHOES FALL after a blistering set at this year’s Bloodstock.

Victoria: So how did you guys get started?
Jamie: Me and Gav were in a band before Echoes Fall, in a band called Supremacy. It didn’t go anywhere so we kinda started Echoes Fall and got Dex in the band. Then we got out new friend Stu whose brought a lot to the band. That’s how it really came together. Just from another band to a gooder band.

Victoria: so what are some of your influences?
Dex: As I Lay Dying
Stu: Black Dahlia Murder
Jamie: Parkway Drive
Gavin: Abigail Williams

Victoria: Basically, none of you are Bee Gee’s fans?
Jamie: I like the Bee Gees.
Stu: Some of the best music to come ever come out.
Jamie: And Michael Jackson

Victoria: Tell me about your new EP, you played a couple tracks off it, didn’t you? (The EP, IGNITE THE FURY is available on their MySpace website and from
Jamie: It’s an older EP now because we’re just about to sort out the album. That’s gonna be coming out next year. The EP just kinda come together with a mix of different tracks and we thought rather than just release a demo we’d spend a bit of money on it and do it properly and get a good mix for it.
Sebastian: We really didn’t have our entire sound for it at the time. So it’s quite a mixture of different genre’s on tere. I think we’re confident we found our sound now. So hopefully we’ll go forward playing one genre of music instead of seventeen.
Jamie: That and the fact the EP went down really really well. WE got a lot of positive feedback from it. We got a lot of response, good fans out of it. So, we didn’t do too bad. It’s been a very big struggle.

Victoria: And where do you guys go from here after playing Bloodstock to a very happy crowd, I might add.
Sebastian: Yeah.
Dex: Quite a big crowd it was.
Gavin: Considering it wasn’t raining, not bad.
Sebastian: We’re gonna go home and write the rest of the album and that’s it. Take a bit of a break for a while because we’ve worked really really hard for this. And we’ve let other aspects of our lives suffer. But it’s what we’ve got to do.
Jamie: so we’re now officially skint.
Gavin: Some ouf us still need to save money to record this album.
Sebastian: Then go at it again in the new year. See what comes out Bloodstock. Hopefully we’ve impressed the people we need to impress. Hopefully we’ll go forward and be a strong band for it. And we’ll see what happens. Time will tell.

Victoria: Where can people find you if they wanted more of you?
Jamie: Let’s plug the facebook shall we?

Sebastian: Or just go to Google and search Echoes Fall.
Jamie: How ever you want to find us. But yes, that’s where you can find more and a lot of updates coming soon.

Echoes Fall are playing just two more dates this year: September 5 at the Twist in Colchester and October


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