Random Photos from Londontown

I go back time after time, year after year. Something about that city draws me in like a moth to a flame. I'm sure my mates in and around the London area will proudly proclaim it's them! But some of the most magical times I've had have been alone just wandering aimlessly thru the streets and across the bridges. I got the biggest giggle hanging upside down over a parapet looking at the Tower Bridge upside down!!! OK, so I DID get a bit dizzy! I discovered a cool gate that has skulls. I must have walked by this thing a million times and just never really looked at it. I found the physical location of my favourite pizza shop that used to deliver when I was in Surrey Quays. They still make the best pizza ever! I smashed myself against the shed end wall willing good luck for another year. I hope it works for me as it's definitely NOT working for the team. I got loads of hugs from friends, dodged a hundred rebel rousing Santas, and discovered London has busses that run during the day! Who knew?! But I don't particularly care for every where they go! LOL

Here a handful of random London shots taken December 2010. I'll post more and share more in the coming weeks. But now I'm about to settle into Phoenix for the holidays with my mum, aunts and grandparents.

Planet Pizza! Lewisham SE14!! Home of THE BEST PIZZA IN LONDON!!!!


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