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Relicseed at Kimo's - LIVE!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE

Their first ever USA tour and they rip up Kimo's in San Francisco! Here is an excellent video of the songs "Slavery" and "Dieva Sindroms" by - Marton S.

Relicseed is: Edgars Rakovskis, Andrejs Upmacis, Janis Narbuts, and Karlis Steinmanis

More EVILE than you can shake a stick at!!!

British thrashers EVILE are due to headline a night of metal mayhem on February 11th, 2012, during HMV's third annual Next Big Thing music festival tour.
HMV's Next Big Thing tour takes place at nine venues across the UK and celebrates the very best in new and emerging talent, drawn from all genres of music, with performances from bands and artists who are tipped to make it big in the coming year.

EVILE are set to perform at the HMV Ritz in Manchester, UK on February 11th, 2012.  Joining them will be CEREBRAL BORE, SAVAGE MESSIAH and WOODS OF YPRES.

EVILE drummer BEN CARTER comments:

"Evile are pleased to announce we will be returning to Manchester to headline HMV's Next Big Thing on Saturday, February the 11th, 2012!  The gig will be at the HMV Ritz, and we'll be playing alongside such great bands (and labelmates) as Cerebral Bore, Savage Messiah and Woods of Ypres.  Tickets are in short supply and will no doubt sell out fast due to the nature of the event, so buy…

Rival Sons Tour - February and March

Californian blues-rockers RIVAL SONS have confirmed a new US tour with gothic rockers EVANESCENCE, which is scheduled to kick off on January 13th in Clemson, South Carolina.

RIVAL SONS already joined EVANESCENCE on a North American tour in October this year, before they headed to Europe for a hugely successful headlining tour.  The two bands will team up again for the week-long trek in January, which also features ELECTRIC TOUCH.

RIVAL SONS drummer MICHAEL MILEY comments:

"We could not be more stoked to be back out with Evanescence in January.  They truly are a fantastic band.  The last tour with them proved pretty damn successful, not to mention making some dear friends.  They're our new BFFs!  I hope the fans are ready for some more face-melting!"

See RIVAL SONS on tour at the following shows:

Jan. 13 - Clemson, SC - Littlejohn Coliseum
Jan. 14 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
Jan. 16 - Tampa, FL - Morsani Hall
Jan. 17 - Hollywood, FL - Hard …

Orange Goblin Song Premier

NIIIIIIIICE! A wall of distorted guitars smack you upside the head. This song just frakking rocks! Ben Wards vocals are spot on! If "Red Tide Rising" is any indication, A Eulogy For the Damned is gonna be a cracking album! Say's Ward, "Red Tide Rising' was actually the first song we wrote for the new album and the main riff was written by [guitarist] Joe [Hoare] as far back as 2008. We all knew that this would be the lead song on the album as soon as we wrote it; it felt kind of special and it set the tempo and feel for the whole record. It's one that we all had a lot of input on so it's a real band effort and definitely wasn't rushed. The ending must've been changed half a dozen times or so until we were all satisfied! It's a very typical ORANGE GOBLIN song and I'm confident that it's going to be a live favorite for many years to come. We've actually played it at the last few shows and despite no one knowing it, it got a great re…

2011 Mix Tape

2011 is drawing to a close and it's time for yet another end of the year list. This one is entitled "Mix Tape 2011". It harkens to the days of old when you'd throw together some groovy tunage, slap it on a cassette tape and give it to your friends. Would you believe Metallica, well Lars Ulrich started out trading Met music this way? Groovy, no!?  Any ways. Here is my mix tape for 2011. Most of the songs didn't come out in 2011, but they were heavily played by moi! Hope they bring you joy!

1. Rival Sons "Pressure and Time" 2. Rival Sons "Face of Light" 3. Reverend and the Makers  "Miss Brown" 4. Mars Volta "The Widow" 5. Volbeat "Fallen" 6. Relicseed "Kiss From a Rose" 7. Relicseed "Trigonometry" 8. Dave Matthews Band "Time Bomb" 9. Collapse "Scar the Silent Sky" 10. Chris Cornell "Scream" 11. RENT "Seasons of Love" 12. Bear McCreary "All Along the Wat…

Top 5 Albums of 2011

Zowie. Loads of good music came my way this year. I've narrowed it down to the five albums that have been on heavy rotation on my MAC and iPod. These are the albums that I've totally salivated over and just raved about. In no particular order:

                                                                                    Diamond Plate - Generation Why?

Black Cobra - Interval

Koloss - End of the Chayot

Relicseed - Domestic Devil, limited edition

Rival Sons - Pressure and Time

The Hobbit - official trailer

SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!  Nuff' said!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has a release date of December 2012.

Metallica 30th Anniversary Show Night #1

Hello, My name is Victoria and I'm a Metallicaholic. I eat, breath, sleep Metallica. It's a quarter century obsession of mine. I've been in the Metallica fan club since 1998. I've had my own chapter since 2001. I got it bad. So when Metallica announced that for their 30th Anniversary they were doing a clubbers only spate of shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I was all over it. The tickets were about $8 a nite or $19 for all 4 shows. The ONLY way to get in was to be a clubber or have a clubber take you as their +1. If you've never been to the Fillmore, you should know... it holds about 1200 people. So in 2011, you could see a Metallica show in a smallish venue for under a tenner. Life is indeed, good!

The first night Apocalyptica opened for Metallica. For me, this was the best thing ever, as I totally gobsmackingly LOVE Apocolyptica. They played an amazing set: For Whom the Bell Tolls, Master of Puppets, Fight Fire With Fire, Nothing Else Matters, I Don't C…

As I Lay Dying @Trocadero (Philadelphia, PA) 01 December 2011

Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield. Same stage. Metallica playing Phantom Lord!
Ozzy on stage with Mtallica! Epic!
Geezer Butler on stage with Metallica at the Fillmore jamming oin Sabbath songs!
Geezer Butler on stage with Metallica at the Fillmore jamming oin Sabbath songs!
Jerry Cantrell, Glenn Danzig AND Rob Halford!!! Metallica #winning The Fillmore 30th Anniversary shows rock!
Latvian Metal band RELICSEED plays Kimo's in San Francisco tonite for the Metallibash! 3 Decades of Damage!

Robert Trujillo plays (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth at Fillmore #1

The amazing Rob Trujillo - Samuri Whisky Warlord himself plays an impromptu Anesthesia - Pulling Teeth at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Cliff Burton's dad, Ray was in attendance.

The Devastated show December 29th

The Devastated To our Southern California fans...

Thursday December 29th @ The Viper Room in Hollywood, CA


Please come hang out and support... this is going to beyond sell out so make sure you get your tickets... show starts at 8:00 and you don't want to miss us... is going to be a heavy one!




Biff Byford of Saxon singing Motorcycle Man! Metallica backing him up! Ace!
Apocalyptica plays No Leaf Clover with Metallica at the Fillmore!!

Metallica Fillmore #1

Metallica + Apocalyptica
John Marshall playing onstage with Metallica!!!!!
Hate Train - NEW Metallica song! Released on iTunes next week?
First time live... Carpe diem!!! Metallica rules!
Apocalyptica opening for Metallica. Night 1 at the Fillmore in San Francisco. They are blistering! Mostly Metallica set for a very appreciative crowd.

John Carter Trailer

Disney finally debuted the action-packed yet stock edit of an official trailer for director Andrew Stanton’s John Carter, one filled with Martian hordes in the annoyingly familiar Star Wars battle stance using what looked to be left over set pieces and props from Star Wars (the "new" 3 prequal things), sweeping desert vistas (Arizona and Cali I'm guessing) and plenty of shots of a shirtless Taylor Kitsch (not sure why) — and they've managed to pry some  licensing from Jimmy Page to use Led Zeppelin's“Kashmir.” Andrew Stanton won an Academy Award for Wall-E and Finding Nemo. He's done a LOT of animated stuff: Monsters Inc, the Toy Stories, a Bug's Life... now he gets to work with real humans! From Academy Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton comes John Carter — a sweeping action-adventure set on the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom (Mars).  ( OK, who writes this stuff, really?)John Carter is based on a classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose hi…

The Browning - December Tour Dates

THE BROWNING are hitting the road again to support their debut album, BURN THIS WORLD.  Wednesday, November 30th they begin another US trek with North Carolina's WRETCHED.

True road dogs, THE BROWNING are heading straight back out on the road for the new tour just days after finishing the old tour!!!  Trenton, New Jersey is the starting point and THE BROWNING will teaming up with WRETCHED as well as SERPENTS and MASSAKREN.


"We've been racking up the miles lately touring the States and are currently headed out with some great bands!  We are stoked to be hitting the road with our new friends in Massakren, Serpents, and Wretched!  We always look forward to travelling to new places and meeting more and more fans out there and, of course, gaining new ones!  The band's live show is tighter than ever and we have had an absolute blast performing a lot of the new material from our Earache Records debut, Burn This Wor…

Cormorant - Dwellings

Mark your calendars for December 6, 2011 as Cormorant will drop their long awaited new disk entitled Dwellings. The San Francisco Bay area band has a gobsmackingly beautiful physical Digipack CD that includes a larger version of the artwork done by Alice Duke. There is also a 12 page booklet with liner notes and lyrics. It's well worth the money. I highly suggest you order the whole shebang from their Bandcamp site as 100% of the money goes to the band. In today's economy, THIS IS A GOOD THING!!!!  Support some mondo talented musicians and get some mind blowing music! Cormorant - Dwellings
Buy one for yourself. Buy one for a friend. Makes a great Christmas gift!
P.S. You can get their 2007 album The Last Tree as a free download!  So mosey on over and give them a listen and show them some love!

Fusion Metal Benefit

Fusion Metal BenefitSat, Jan 7 2012, 6:30p.m. - 9:30p.m.
Fusion Performing Arts Center, Voorhees, NJ, United States
Alright. We all know that booking metal at Fusion Performing Arts Center in Voorhees, NJ is something that is worth fighting for. Well, here's the chance for 4 bands to play there and make it so we can have metal shows on a regular basis.

This show is a benefit show for Fusion to help them raise money to build the wall they need to help them insulate sound from the mall. This is our limitation to booking heavy shows there. Our goal in this is to raise $2000 from the metal scene and show them our support!

To save a lot of people time, i need to reiterate that this is a BENEFIT show for Fusion. Bands will not be paid. This is to help a venue who wants to help all bands. Xombified Management will not be profiting of this show either so relax.

If you want your to play, your band must get 20 people to make a minimum donation of $5. Anyone that donates $30 or more will get 3 …

GODS AND QUEENS: Philadelphia Trio Involved In Serious Van Accident in Czech Republic

Philadelphia-based GODS AND QUEENS were involved in a serious accident while on their current self-booked European tour this weekend in the Czech Republic. Several of the members and their traveling friends received very serious injuries in the crazy scary accident, which destroyed their van, equipment and personal gear.

The band are now struggling to cover their bills and are reaching out for the public's help. Please go drop a meager $1.99 on their latest untitled full-length album via the band's Bandcamp page to help these hard-working dudes cover their hospital and travel expenses. We need to bring our guys back home to Philly!

The full initial statement released by GODS AND QUEENS frontman Jamie Getz is below:


I´m going to try and make this as short as I can. After all these years of touring in unsafe vans, and doing stupid things, I guess I was overdue for this... We had a serious van accident in route from our show in G…

Top 5 Bands You've GOT to download from Bandcamp

2011 has been a banner year for new music. These are the Top 5 Bands you've got to download from Bandcamp. In no particular order - because my head would explode. All the bands are just amazingly choice. The Bands I've chosen are an eclectic mix sure to please. Listen to the songs, then go over to their pages on BandCamp and show them some love!

Hailing form the UK, Thames Burial is a brutal metal massacre!
From The Depths by Thames Burial

An experimental death metal band from Brooklyn
An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master by Pyrrhon

A heavy metal band set to take the world by storm - strait outta Latvia.

60 Minutes of a Dream by Relicseed

Untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled.
Untitled 3 (EP 2) by Gods And Queens

An amazing album from an amazing band!
Rest by Rwake

William Shatner attending Phoenix Comicon in 2012

Can I get a hell yeah!! from everybody in the house?! Mark your calendars folks, May 26, 2012 is the day to be in Phoenix!

Phoenix is hosting the legendary actor, writer, "singer" William Shatner for this year’s Phoenix Comicon. Universally loved for his run as Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise. Starred in two of the most kick ass Twilight Zone episodes ever: Nightmare at 20,000 feet and Nick of Time. And everybody's favourite TJ Hooker!

“It’s a great honor having William Shatner attend our event, he is an icon of the science fiction genre” commented Convention Director Matt Solberg.

“Shatner is very diverse in his contributions to pop culture and we hope our attendees will be as excited as we are that he is attending our convention,” stated Joe Boudrie, the Director of Programming.

Tis no lie! Shatner has appeared in such iconic TV shows such as: 77 Sunset Strip, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Fugitive, Dr. Kildare, Mission Impossible, Hawaii 5-0, Marcu…

Crucial Times - The Age of Denial

Crucial Times asks punters if they are losing their mind? I don't think the band is, but their music is the soundtrack to a society that is losing their mind. The music is chaotic and frenzied and is all over the place. It definitely makes you want to get up and just move. The Age of Denial was released earlier this year, 2011, on Clenched Fist Records. It's a hard driving album that will make any lover of punk metal, thrash metal, death metal happy. The band encompasses all those genre's on the album. It's done quite well. The lyrics are uber political, you'd think the band hailed from Brooklyn circa the 1980s. Crucial Times is emerging head and shoulders above the rest in the metal festival laced Belgium.

Other than the hard driving music that make this band interesting, was the way they got together - all on Facebook. Guitarist Jelle Druyts posted on Facebook he needed a band and lo and behold he got a few takers with Bart Van Den Vonder and Yves Van Gorp on vo…

Relicseed gearing up for 2012 tour dates!

Have a look see at a unique way to raise money for a tour. Leave it to the out of the box thinking Latvian metal band, RELICSEED to come up with a groovy way to get fans involved with the recording and touring process!!

Vallenfyre - A Fragile King

Things that make me go SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! Gregor Makintosh, guitar god and lover of the WaWa, from the kick ass band Paradise Lost has a new offering. This time, he's traded his axe for a microphone. Teaming up with Adrian Erlandsson (Paradise Lost), Hamish Glencross (My Dying Bride) and Mully and Scoot, Mackintosh gives a much humbled and grateful world... VALLENFYRE!!!! The debut album A Fragile King is released via Century Media records. The title, A Fragile King is a reference to Mackintosh's father battling and losing to cancer. He's said the lyrics are grim. Blimey, they are down right angry!

This is an album you HAVE TO buy! These are dudes you HAVE TO see live! If you can't make Bloodstock in 2012 - you gotta beg, torture, blackmail your local promoter to get them to play the United States.

All Will Suffer is a heavy sludgy doom laden bliss for the ears. It's the perfect doom metal song, almost operatic in it's execution. There is a flow to the music and …

RELICSEED at the Key Club in el Lay December 7th

Get your tickets for RELICSEED at the Key Club opening for Korpiklaani December 7th!! It's Relicseed's first show in the USA like ever! Come out and make it a groovilicious rockin time!!

Get your tickets here: TICKETS

RELICSEED'S Queen! Live from the UK

The tour of the UK was a rousing success. So much so, Relicseed made a video! Check this out- it's their new single QUEEN shot live in the UK! Wicked good, my friends. Wicked good!

Black Skies hits it out of the ballpark with new album On The Wings of Time

The third album from this kick ass band is ready for the masses. On the Wings of Time is a head banging punk rock ear fest with a loverly heavy grunge metal tinge. It's hard to put it in just one category. It's a loud cacophony of guitars with understated vocals. It's music to lose yourself in. Tim Herzog's drumming propels you into ethereal grayness while the twin vocal attack of Michelle Temple and Kevin Clark do a vocal tango. Michelle is part Siouxsie Sioux and part Exene Cervenka. Her vocals are a great compliment to Kevin's "strait man" Tom Waits style - if Tom Wait was into heavy rock. The music is forceful and moving, eery and moody, it's stripped down and unabashed. This is music for the soul. It's meant to be played loudly - on vinyl if you can.

Until you find the disk to turn, pick up Black Skies On the Wings of Time from It's the best $5 you'll ever spend.

The band is hitting the road this month…

EVILE announce headlining dates for 2012!!!

Huddersfield's own EVILE have confirmed a European headlining tour for 2012 to pimp out their new album, FIVE SERPENT'S TEETH !! SQUEEEEEEEE that's the best way to start off a new year. The tour starts on January 10th in Prague, Czech Republic.

Shredder in Residence OL DRAKE comments:

"The time has come for Evile to return to Europe! It's been a long time coming since we last toured over there, but now Five Serpent's Teeth is out worldwide, we thought it only right to return! Check the dates and get your tickets! I was a bit upset to hear kids in Evile shirts were getting turned away from shows in the UK because they hadn't bought tickets and the show had sold out, so get your tickets now! See you all out there!"

See EVILE on tour at the following shows:

Jan. 10 - Prague, Czech Republic - Modra Vopice *
Jan. 11 - Budapest, Hungary - Club 202 *
Jan. 12 - Katowice, Poland - Mega Club *
Jan. 13 - Warsaw, Poland - Pr…

Armada Drive full length album Armada Drive

Somedays, out of no where, you get some great music coming across your computer. Today was that day. An acquaintance named Graeme said he had a band and we should listen to it. No big thing. A lot of my friends are in bands. LOL Most of them are quite good. Thames Burial. Collapse. Relicseed. Doro. Quite good bands. I now have to add Armada Drive to the list. They are from Halifax, NS. Canadians, eh! But the sound is pure rock and roll!

The self titled Armada Drive opens with Generation Why. It has driving guitars is uplifting and moving. The vocals could be think in spots but then will get all William DuVall Alice in Chains. It's a crisp clean 90s grunge rock sound.

Graeme Brown and Rob Gillian's guitar playing is stellar throughout the album. It's definitely the highlight of listening to this disk.

On Bash,the Alice in Chains sound comes shining thru. There are also shades of Stone Temple Pilots. It's a fun, upbeat song that will get peeps on the dance floor. Bash

Corey Smoot (aka Flattus Maximus) R.I.P

Dave Brockie’s latest statement about the untimely death of friend and bandmate Cory Smoot (aka Flattus Maximus):

“After a restless night spent hurtling through the desolate Canadian wilderness, I crawled from my bunk on the tour bus to face reality, grudgingly aware that the the dark dream that gripped us would not fade with the day. We have lost a brother, a husband, a son, and one of the most talented musicians that ever slung an ax. Cory Smoot, longtime lead guitar player for the band GWAR, has passed at the age of 34.

As the singer of GWAR and one of his best friends, I feel it is my duty to try and answer some of the questions that surround his tragic and untimely death. I know the sense of loss and pain is far greater in scope than in the insulated environment of a band on tour, and I will do my best to provide what clarity and comfort I can.

The most glaring question is how? And unfortunately that is the hardest question to answer. The truth will not be known until the medical …
This is what happens when you give a metal head a camera, a passport, and a toothbrush. Victoria Anderson Photography presents: Gyrlz on Tour! A "how to" guide to following your favourite bands around the world on tour. Stunning original photos of Volbeat, Iron Maiden, and Doro, are interlaced with tips and tricks for travel (live on EasyJet, stay away from RyanAir), finding food, comfy sleeping arrangements (Abigails in Dublin is the best) and the best places to see a show (Bloodstock and Donington). The highlight of the magazine are the photographs. Victoria Anderson Photography catches: The Moment When All the World Stops(TM).

Victoria Anderson Photography:Gyrlz on TourThis is what happens when you give a metal head a camera, a passport, and a toothbrush. Victoria Anderson Photography presents: Gyrlz on Tour! A "how to" guide to following your favourite bands around the world on tour. Stunning original photos are interlaced with tips and tricks for travel, findi…

Paradise Lost 3 playing in LA

For one week only, Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory will be playing in a Los Angeles theatre. The film opened today at Laemmle's Fallbrook 7 in West Hills. Paradise Lost 3 plays there until 10th November, so go quickly. The film's run time is 90 minutes and show times are 1pm and 2:50pm. According to the website ticket prices are $11.

Laemmle's Fallbrook 7
6731 Fallbrook Ave
West Hills, 91307
818 340 8710

Doctor Who - Cast and Crew Dance and Sing to the Proclaimers

This is sure to put a smile on your face, even if you aren't a Dr. Who fanatic!!! The cast and crew of the David Tennant era Doctor Who dancing and singing to the Proclaimers "(I'm gonna be) 500 miles". The video is worth seeing the dancing Ood. The Ood can bust a move! LOL But my favourite part is Elizabeth Sladen dancing along side of David Tennant. Billie Piper, Freema Agyemon, and Catherine Tate make an appearance. As does the shirtless (and bedded) sound crew of Jules, Jeff, and Bryn. If that doesn't get them girlfriends I don't know what will. Jules, feel free to call me! LOL