Monte Pittman - The Power of Three (album review)

I love good guitar albums.  Monte Pittman’s The Power of Three promises to be such an album. Monte Pittman boasts an impressive resume. For those uninitiated, Pittman taught guitar to both Guy Ritchie and Madonna. He’s even played guitar on her live tours staring in 2001. Not impressed yet? Pittman also played guitar in Prong. Not yet? How about, he performed at the 2012 Super Bowl. The Power of Three is a hard rock album for hard rock lovers. The Power of Three is Monte Pittman’s third album. It’s chock full of riffs, attitude, and head banging love. Kane Ritchotte helms drumming duties and he is augmented by Max Whipple on bass. I say, buy the album because Flemming Rasmussen produced and mixed it. C’mon, know you know it’s gonna sound good.

The Power of Three is a darn good guitar album with extra bits. The heavy guitars interplay nicely with the steady beat of the drums. The bass line weaves through to provide support. “Everything’s Undone” is a non-metal song. It’s more a rock and roll song with some heavy bits. The harmonies are nice and reminds me of the 1990s era of rock. A lot of the songs have compositions that mix genres to varying results. Some of it can be a bit jarring like on “A Dark Horse” and other times it works nicely. 

Monte Pittman’s The Power of Three is a good album. The guitars are awesome. But in 2014, the album sounds dated. The feel and power is very much 90s hard rock. The executions are solid, but it isn’t an album I’d play the entire thing through again. I’d cherry pick songs like “Away From Here” which is fluid and heavy. It has an Alice in Chains feel to it. “End of the World” is another that would get repeated play as it has an ethereal angst laden feel to it. Monte Pittman’s The Power of Three is worth a listen as the over all sound quality is good and the guitars are impressive. Find the songs you like best from the album and play them. 


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