Slug Comparison - Bringer of Doom (video)

Haunting and moving new song from Doug Harrison the guitarist/vocalist from the band Fen. The vocals are smooth and serve to pull you in. The music has an 80s new wave tinge to them. The overall composition is rife with peaks and valleys that take you on a aural ride. If you like your music like a full bodied red wine, "Bringer of Doom" is a song for you.

Says Doug, "After 15 years with Fen, I've started a solo project called Slug Comparison. The need for the project came up a couple years ago when the band was writing Of Losing Interest. I would go home after jamming and I'd still have more ideas to get out and more energy to keep going, so I started piecing together songs on my computer, doing everything myself. "Bringer of Doom" is the first of those songs...


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