Lamb of God "As The Palaces Burn" Documentary Movie Trailer

Lamb of God started out making a documentary of life on the road. A normal if not banal undertaking for every band to do. It's an open "I love you guys!" letter to the fans. I happen to own several of those self indulgent undertakings as I'm the sort to gobble up any crumb from my favourite bands. But something strange and unsettling happened during the filming. Lead singer Randy Blythe was arrested and charged with murder.... of a fan.... a fan who jumped on stage during a performance and was allegedly pushed back into the crowd. Mr. Blythe went through a trial and the prospect of imprisonment in the Czech Republic for up to ten years for this death. Fortunately, he was found not guilty.

What resulted was a documentary not about endless touring and meeting fans, but about the loss of the life of one fan and the potential loss of life of Mr. Blythe as he faced trial. "As The Palaces Burn" is not just another tome about a rock band, it's an intriguing look at the justice system in foreign countries, and what happens when you are at their mercy.

The official trailer for the upcoming documentary "As The Palaces Burn" that follows the band throughout the trial of their singer, Randy Blythe. Coming to a theater near you in Feb 2014. Check for your city at - more cities announced every week.


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