Disney Moving Star Wars Publishing License to Marvel

Well, this is going to suck. Disney, who bought out LucasFilm, has decided to part company with Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse's license to publish Star Wars comics will end at the end of 2014. For those in the know, Dark Horse, publishes some of the best comics ever! They have both a physical copy wing and a digital wing. They make it easy to access the most innovative stories and peruse some top notch graphics. Dark Horse Comics went after and netted the license to publish Star Wars comics back in 1989. The first one being Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy's 'Dark Empire'. Fans of Star Wars have one more year of Dark Horse's careful attention to quality and detail before Star Wars becomes Disney-fied and dumb downed.  Marvel Comics will take over Star Wars comic duties in 2015. I suggest you head over to Dark Horse and buy some really good titles and stories. Dark Horse has been the go-to place for hard core Star Wars fans, nerds, and geeks. It's going to be a sad day when that ends. 

p.s. - Dark Horse has a FULL YEAR of Star Wars titles coming down the line.  We're going full speed to December 2014.  This also means our convention exclusives just got a whole lot more exclusive (Just wait for SDCC & NYCC). 

- Reading Star Wars on Dark Horse Digital? Fear not, you get to keep your copies in your account's cloud.


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