CRIPPLE BASTARDS: Italian Hardcore/Grind Squad Releases New Track

When adjectives like "hardcore" and "grind" are used to describe a band it's yawn inducing. I know you have to come up with new things to set you apart, but the adjectives are over used and in some cases used improperly. I approached Cripple Bastards with the dread of having to listen to "hardcore" and "grind" and was pleasantly surprised that Cripple Bastard's track "Nemico A Terra" was just strait ahead punk with thrash leanings. It's fast paced. It's damn near indecipherable. The drumming is hard and driving. The guitars create a wall of sound. It's cacophony. It's what you want to hear in a pit. Says vocalist Giulio The Bastard translates to, "Enemy Down." He delves, stating "It is a song about stubbornness in exacting revenge; never giving in to respite when focusing on your target."  A second track from the album is "Malato Terminale". This is a strait ahead heavy metal song. The intro is heavy on the guitars and angst. The vocals are a wail of sound. This isn't music to sing along to, it's music to smash things to. I like both "Nemico A Terra" and "Malato Terminale" for their intensity. The band is tight and the music flows. The new album, 'Nero In Metastasi' is being released via Relapse Records  in mid-February. 

Nemico A Terra streaming at Decibel Mag

"Malato Terminale"


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