Friday Night Dance Party! Welcome 2014

Hey all you hip catz and kool froogs! It's 2014 and the hits like the years keep marching on! I hope you enjoyed the ride last year and are super pumped for this year. 2014 promises to deliver on the goods with loads of new music coming your way over the next 365 days! But for now, lets groove to some killer kool music. Happy Friday everyone!

Malakyte - Embodiment
This graced my in box late December. It's a totally bitchin' thrash metal band from Australia. You've GOT to check them out!

Savage Messiah - Cross of Babylon
ooohhh I sooo can't wait until the new album comes out! The Fateful Dark - coming to a store near you soon.

Kill Division - Mechanic Domination
You want heavy? Kill Division gives you heavy! Ear shredding, eye bleeding heavy!

Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods
Headbanging, yes! Bitchin' guitars, yes! Just yes! all around!

Legion of the Damned - Doom Priest
OMG - the drums are just wicked! And the guitar tone... mana from heaven!

Russkaja - Barada
This track is just the bees knees! Go on, I dare you to not like it. You can't! It's just that damn good!

Powerwolf - Amen and Attack
Operatic metal that makes you happy! Yes, please.


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