Steve Tucker debuts Warfather

Death metal at it's best. Warfather is set to debut a sonic blast that will shake the foundations of metal. Warfather is the brainchild of Steve Tucker whom you may remember from Morbid Angel. The first tracks released by the band are wickedly eclectic. It's death metal to be sure, growly vocals are there. But the actual composition is a study in chaos. The drumming is on a plane by itself while the guitars are weaving some magical mystical spell. There are moments when it all comes together and it's like reaching the apex of a parabolic arc. Then gravity takes over and you descend into madness. "Orchestrating the Apocalypse" (aptly titled) drops on January 21st (February 24th for the European audience) via Grayhaze Records.

Check out the track "My Queen Shall Not Be Mourned" streaming on Decibel Magazine.

"Shifting Poles" streaming on Invisible Oranges.


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