Suicidal Angels - All Your Thrash Metal Needs are Right Here

Suicidal Angels is a thrash metal band hailing from Athens, Greece. They've just released their fifth album, "Divide and Conquer" on Noiseart Records. Suicidal Angels is a refreshing old school thrash band that blows your mind. Every riff is wicked. The drumming is hard hitting. Everything about "Divide and Conquer" just clicks. Chris and Nick are easily one of the best guitar duos shredding the metal scene today. Everything about Orfeas' drumming is stellar. If you like your thrash fast and loud, then Suicidal Angels is for you. They are definitely a band that is worth checking out.

Suicidal Angels Official Page

Suicidal Angels on Facebook

"In the Grave"

Check them out on tour this year. And don't forget to keep an eye on their official page for more dates this year.

Suicidal Angels' "Divide and Conquer". It was released in multi-couloured vinyl disks, many of which are sold out. But you can still get the blue and green from their website. This will be one of the best purchases of your year! 


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