Adrenaline Mob - Come On Get Up! (video)

Rebel rousing, fun, lighthearted, did I mention fun? Something easy to sing along to (reminds me of old Sevendust). Adrenaline Mob is a straight ahead rock and roll band that is engaging and head banging, dancing about the flat worthy. I was totally singing along to the track as it was playing. You want a killer party song? Adrenaline Mob's "Come On Get Up" from the Century Media album "Men of Honor" should grace your CD player come February 18th. Adrenaline Mob is a beyond awesome group consisting of vocalist Russell Allen, guitarist Mike Orlando, bassist John Moyer, and drummer AJ Pero. Definitely pick up their second album "Men of Honor". It's wickedly bitchin!

Adrenaline Mob


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